5 Jaw Dropping and Never Answered Questions About ChatGPT!

5 Jaw Dropping and Never Answered Questions About ChatGPT!

5 Jaw Dropping and Never Answered Questions About ChatGPT!


The world is no longer the same since Open AI launched ChatGPT. Humans no longer need to spend prolonged hours mugging up new concepts, making notes, and attending classes. Instead, it can write emails, assignments, and a thesis. You have to ask ChatGPT your query politely, and it will start generating your answers in a millisecond. It’s no less than a magic wand. 

If you are wondering what this is all about, what ChatGPT is, and Why to compare it to a magic wand, this blog will explain it. Then, in the next 1 min, ChatGPT will amaze you and leave you flabbergasted.

An Overview of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a conversational AI-based language model developed by OpenAI for natural language processing tasks such as text generation, language translation, Question Answering, admitting mistakes, reporting inappropriate errors, and the list can be never-ending. Try it yourself once!

One of the crucial features of ChatGPT is its magic factor to generate human-like text responses for users’ queries. This makes it serviceable for many applications, such as creating chatbots for customer service, generating responses to questions in online forums, or even creating personalized content for social media posts.

Now people have tried ChatGPT for themself, one question that will rise in everyone’s mind is, What is its limit? Will it replace humans? How fast can it learn new technology? Does it understand emotions? Can it destroy humankind? 

We have unraveled some of the buzzing and trending questions on social media posts for all AI enthusiasts. 

How fast is ChatGPT in understanding new technologies and concepts?

ChatGPT has been trained on a large corpus of 570 GB of data from books, the internet, web text, Wikipedia, and also it is fine-tuned on the predecessor model. However, it has been trained on information till 2021. So any innovation discovered after 2021 will not be able to answer, while something like metaverse, which was an ongoing discovery since 2019 and boomed recently, will be understood and explained by ChatGPT.

E.g., where ChatGPT is not answerable about the latest technology or product in the market!

Can ChatGPT be used to learn high-level concepts quickly?

ChatGPT is trained to generate write-ups on any advanced level of information within a few seconds.

E.g., However, we can’t expect to give details of the granular details of the subject; we can ask multiple questions highlighting different sub-topics. In fact, we can specify the word limit if one is looking for an essay, write-up, or blog material.

How much can ChatGPT work for non-technology domains?

ChatGPT works reasonably for the non-tech domain and can similarly generate descriptive information about any phenomenon, process, or solution. However, in cases where we provide a problem statement to ChatGPT to solve or identify the solution, it requires sufficient information to conclude. For example, to identify a disease, one would need enough information about the disease, as shown below.

Does ChatGPT reliably share the knowledge?

ChatGPT is capable of producing prose that looks convincing. But on the other hand, what it means to be convincing depends on context. The kind of prose you find engaging and even startling in the context of a generative encounter with an AI.

Many AI enthusiasts also claim that ChatGPT is a tool to help people contrive student essays, news writing, or whatever else. It’s an easy conclusion for those who assume that AI is meant to replace human creativity rather than amend it.

Can ChatGPT be misused?

In the wake of a floodgate of reports that ChatGPT can do wonders with its AI-based Generative text, it has also been explored that it can be used to spread misinformation and harmful propaganda. Also, some reports suggest that hackers are using ChatGPT to build algorithms to intrude into systems and create malicious code., Any user with hostile intent can hence generate a complete hacking campaign by using it, such as phishing emails.

Summing up

While the whole is either marveling at the brilliance and claiming it as the next big thing in the AI world, Microsoft being one such example, the tech giant has invested $1 Billion in Open AI while on hand some are speculating the long-term damage it can create to humankind. My perspective is different; we can never stop the inevitable. Machines are taking over the world, and that is quite evident.

Therefore, one should learn the art of navigating the power of new inventions in such a way that will benefit them and help them to grow. So go out there, try it for yourself, and then decide whether ChatGPT is an excellent AI invention or not!

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