5 Tips to Successfully Deploy Einstein Call Coaching in Salesforce

Einstein Call Coaching

Einstein Call Coaching for High Velocity Sales which was released in  Salesforce’s 2020 Summer. Einstein Call Coaching empowers Sales managers to get visibility of the key moments during a sales call with a mention of a competitor, product, custom keyword, pricing, and next steps. This will drive more efficiency to coach individuals, help scale those learnings across teams and get insights into trends, customer needs, and experiences. Managers can effectively use Conversational Libraries to store and showcase the team’s best calls, learnings and up-sell opportunities. Although not a direct feature, the reports, and dashboards can help build powerful marketing strategies based upon the insights gained from ECC Dashboards. Einstein Call Coaching leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) to gain insights into the key moments of a sales call.

ECC is an AI-driven feature that brings conversational intelligence and is aimed to increase the success rate.

Einstein Call Coaching Features: –

1.Jump to different mentions:

Finding relevant mentions from call records is like searching for ‘unicorn in a forest of Pricks’. With Einstein Call Coaching, it is no more a deal. ECC helps –

  1. Surface specific mentions of Competitor, Product, Custom mentions (up to 25 keywords).
  2. Click, highlight different mentions and jump to that portion of the call.
  3. Gain automatic insights for the Next steps, Pricing, Challenges, and trending keywords.
  4.  Understand talk/ listen ratio.
  5.   Call duration
  6.   Playback speed
Diploy Einstein

2.Call Relevance

This is another good feature that leverages Artificial Intelligence to make systems learn based upon the feedback given using the call relevance option. Users can rate and share feedback to help the product improve itself. (See ‘3’ in the above image).

3.Share Voice Call Button

Voice Call record owners (and managers with access) can share the Voice call option to share call recordings as a model for training and distribution.

Share Voice Call

4.Call Coaching Dashboard


Gain insights about the mentions of keywords and analyse data over Call Coaching Dashboard. With this powerful tool, users get the ability to visualise top mentions of keywords based upon call data. Users have the option to filter on the specific sales rep., call date, or mention types. The dashboard also shows recent calls made by sales reps. and can navigate to those call recordings from the dashboard. Call Coaching users can receive daily emails by defining filter criteria.

Call Coaching Dashboard

5.Daily Call Summaries


Einstein Call Coaching can keep a record of daily calls made by sales reps, know who the calls were between, and the time duration of each call over the email. It can send summary emails to Sales managers to help increase user adoption.


5 Tips to Successfully Deploy Einstein Call Coaching in Salesforce



From the setup, navigate to Call Coaching settings and connect to your call recordings by selecting the supported partner solution. Next, you need to toggle on the Einstein Conversation Insights feature. You can enable user experiences, like the Call Coaching dashboard.

Call coaching setting

2.Call Insights Configuration


From the setup, go to Call Insights. Call Insights is categorised broadly into two categories where you can define keywords to track – Standard and Custom. Under the Standard tab, define keyword insights (Product, Competitor keyword lists) and automatic insights (Next Steps and Pricing). You can also specify which side of the conversation to analyse (Said By). Under Custom Insights, you can define up to 25 custom keywords.

Call Insight

3.Choice of keywords

Choosing keywords is about relevance, not volume. It doesn’t matter whether you have chosen all 25 keywords but it does matter that you have chosen the right one. Thoroughly analyse who are your actual competitors, find out the right set of products to get insights on based upon their relevance to your business. Find out the KPIs and keywords that can be used as custom keywords. Understand the trending buzzwords that matter to your business most and keep occurring in a sales conversation. A refined keyword strategy and choice of the right keywords are critical to gain better insights from ECC.

4.Keyword length

You should avoid short and generic phrases like ‘No’, ‘like to have’ as your custom keywords. At the same time, the use of long and specific phrases should also be avoided. Otherwise, it may appear rarely in a sales conversation. Both these scenarios may either result in too much data or too little data to analyse. As a best practice, phrases with one to three distinctive keywords should be used in custom insights. There can be more than one word to express the same keyword for e.g., ‘Discount’- it can either be called ‘Discount’, ‘Price off’ or ‘Percent off’, so the best practice is to define all the common possible keywords for a particular keyword that can be used by the customer.

5.Monitor and Improve keywords

Once defined the keywords should be monitored regularly for their frequency of occurrence in Voice calls via dashboards. If the keywords are not appearing or appearing rarely then it is better to optimise and change keywords. This should be a regular practice for an effective ECC strategy to bring required business benefits.

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5 Tips to Successfully Deploy Einstein Call Coaching in Salesforce
Einstein Call Coaching gives users insights and trends from sales call. ECC is an AI-driven feature that brings conversational intelligence and is aimed to increase the success rate.
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