5 work from home habits you can avoid to improve work-life and enhance productivity

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The most significant advantage of work from home is the flexibility. This privilege, however, can quickly become a missed opportunity if not handled properly. Many people believe that internal motivation is required to complete things efficiently and on time while working remotely. A lot of people think that productivity has reduced due to remote working which isn’t always the case, though. You lose productivity because you have developed some unhealthy habits, not because of this. With that in mind, we’ve put together five work from home habits that you need to avoid to improve work – life balance and enhance productivity.

1.out of your bed

What are the perks of working from home? Working from any area, such as your bedroom, is most likely the most convenient option. However, are you aware that this convenience may come at the expense of lost productivity, concentration, and task accomplishment? A lot of people think that working from home is more comfortable because they can stay in bed but when our sleep cycles are disrupted, it’s tough to stay focused or fight falling asleep. That way, you have the option of succumbing to your laziness – which is quite demotivating – or breaking free from the pull of your typical home surroundings. The latter is always more effective and superior. As a result, having a dedicated area to yourself will be really beneficial. A dedicated workstation will help you stay focused on your task by establishing an office-like environment. Treat your bedroom as a place where you live, not a location where you work, to achieve the ideal balance of work and life.

2.Working in the living room is not a good idea

This is simply another waste of time. Some people may associate “working from home” with a day spent binge-watching Netflix which is wrong. It’s fine to do this once in a while but making it a habit is not right. It’s important to remember why working from home is beneficial. It isn’t about not attending meetings and conferences. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Employees who work from home are aware of the responsibilities that come with it. To stay focused on your task and get things done, avoid watching TV or engaged in other internet hobbies because it diverts your attention away from the aim of working from home. Rather, listen to music that suits your work style.

3.Stay away from social media

You can get more work done if you avoid distractions by restricting your use of social media. I believe we can all admit to doing it from time to time. People can waste a lot of time on social media if they are not careful, which could be more than most people sleep or work in a day! Make it a practice to turn off social media notifications during the day if you enjoy using it. Consider turning off your phone’s notifications.

In addition, many mobile apps now show how much time users spend in each one. This is eye-opening, especially for newcomers to social networking. Learn about the social media policies at your company.

4.Stay away from your family, friends, and pets during work hours

Plan and stick to a set of working hours, and make sure your family and friends are aware. This can be difficult, especially if you have small kids or pets at home, vying for your attention. If you spend practically every day at home, family and friends may accidentally interrupt you. It’s best to set some firm guidelines with your family while you’re working. It isn’t vicious if it leads to better work performance.

The opposite side of this work-at-home recommendation is that you must be available to your family and friends when you are not at work. Give it your all while you’re not at work and put your business phone aside.

5.Don’t be a procrastinator

When it comes to our professional lives, procrastination is a trap that many of us fall into. And, to be completely honest, we get that performing the same thing again and over might be exhausting. You must, however, look for the positives of the routine. If you accomplish the tedious work first, you’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief sooner. To increase the quality of your work life, adopt these anti-procrastination strategies. You won’t be able to break your tendency of delaying overnight, but you can try.


Begin by reducing the number of distractions in your environment. Make a list of all the tasks for the day once you’re in a less distracted mental position. Make a promise to yourself that if you complete each action, you will be rewarded. Then take note of how satisfying it is to complete tasks. Continue to use this strategy until it becomes second nature. Then repeat the process.

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5 work from home habits you can avoid to improve work-life and enhance productivity
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