In today’s world everyone should have the opportunity to have an online presence, and it shouldn’t be a luxury. We at Bugendai Tech  provide our Customers to get their needs addressed at a reasonable price.

Our team believes in providing a Quality Product at a price no one can say no to.


We approach every project not as Developers but as Stakeholders. Our AIM is always to understand our Client’s vision from the Product so we can help them build a sustainable solution which is able to address their current needs as well as flexible enough if they want to modify in near future.

We serve our clients with infinite solutions to their everyday requirements. We also apply new ideas, share our know-how that benefit clients, teams, partners and work communities. We are a fast-paced, client experience-centric team preferring talent with actual skills over location.


  1. Numerous projects for the non-profit
  2. A-Pro-bono after every 10 project
  3. No carbon footprint
  4. Honesty
  5. Respect
  6. Trust in everything we do
  7. I, You and Us.. We all matter


  1. Crisp communication
  2. Teamwork
  3. Trust and Transparency
  4. Upgrade everyday – Continuous learning 
  5. Integrity in work
  6. Honest efforts
  7. Detailed and trust worthy reporting