What is Artificial Intelligence? Benefits and use of AI in Software Testing

AI in Software Testing

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Testing of any software has become an essential part in our day to day life. If the software is tested properly, it gives the surety that it is bugs free, robust and is secure enough to make any transactions. If we don’t test the software it might give the opposite result to what is expected or it may behave differently.

What is Artificial Intelligence and how is it useful in Software Testing?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the theory and development of computer systems that are able to perform tasks that are normally performed by using human intelligence such as speech recognition, translating the language, decision making etc. AI is basically used to mimic and perform like a human. AI will reduce the manpower as well as it will make the task to perform faster. AI and Machine Learning go hand in hand. e.g. AI is used in health care centres where there is a chatbot who will listen to the patient’s health issues and concerns and will guide the patient with correct care and diagnosis.

Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing assists with protecting an application against potential application fail overs which might turn out being unsafe to the application and the association later on. As increasingly more Artificial Intelligence comes into our lives, the requirement for testing with Artificial Intelligence is expanding.

What is the use of AI in Software Testing?

Software testing is a methodology that establishes an extremely key perspective in the space of improvement. Be that as it may, many time engineers can’t do thorough testing of an application as a result of the absence of assets and time. Software testing takes up the most measure of time, human asset, and capital. What’s more, with the engineers looking for quicker arrangements with lacking foundation, Artificial Intelligence is a reasonable way ahead. Since 80% of testing is just a reiteration of the steps to make sure that the product has all the functionality, AI will be useful to robotize the cycles in an effective manner rather than a human analyzer which pointlessly expands expenses and exertion. With AI only 20% of the work will be done with the help of testers and the rest can be done by AI

Benefits of using AI in Software Testing

There are few benefits of using AI in software testing. They are mentioned as below:

1. Visual Validation:

Artificial intelligence has design acknowledgment and picture acknowledgment capacities that together assist to recognize visual bugs by performing visual testing on applications. It assists with ensuring that every one of the visual components are drawn in and can work appropriately. AI can perceive dynamic UI controls independent of their size, shape and investigate them at a pixel level.

2. Improved Accuracy:

We cannot guarantee 100% accurate results in manual testing as a tester can be bound to make some mistakes for repetitive test cases. But if we use AI for testing the repetitive test cases we are bound to get more accurate results in less time.

3. Increase in overall Test Coverage:

AI in testing can cover more test cases in less time than a manual tester does. Also, it can check the file contents, data tables, memories and internal program states effortlessly.
4. Fastly delivered in Market:

When the source code is changed repeatedly, it becomes tedious and expensive if the testing is done by manual tester. But if we automate the test cases then testing can be done in less time which will automatically save money which will lead to faster delivery in the market.

5. Improved Reliability:

AI can correct the code by itself making it more reliable and maintainable so that we don’t have to change the code again and again even if the developer makes a small change.

6. Reduced Defects:

AI can help with testing the software and identifying the defect at an early stage which will reduce the defects at a later stage making the software more reliable.


As we all can see AI based testing can reduce the cost, effort, errors and time. With the advancement in technology more and more businesses are able to achieve faster tests and reliable products. AI driven tools also help in making human like decisions which will ultimately help in releasing high quality, robust software in less time. Also we can get a more reliable product with high efficiency and accuracy.

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