All You Need To Know About Salesforce Data Loader

All You Need To Know About Salesforce Data Loader


What is a data loader?

Data Loader is a client application for importing or exporting bulk data into their Salesforce environment. Companies use this automated process to import and export data in bulk, eliminating many of the risks associated with manual transfer processes, such as errors or duplicates. Also, it increases efficiency and saves countless work hours when working with large data sets. Data Loader allows fields to be mapped using drag-and-drop tools and will enable users to upload bulk data to any object type, whether standard or custom. It is used to insert, update, delete, or export Salesforce records.  Dive deeper into salesforce insights. 

Key Features Of Data Loader: 

The data loader helps you export data into CSV files, Import data into CSV files or from a database. It also offers detailed success and error log files in CSV format. You can also drag and drop using the field mapping feature. t Provides an easy-to-use interface for beginners. It can Support heavy files – up to 5 million records at me and be used for standard and custom objects.

When To Use A Data Loader?

It is best to use a data loader when you need to record/upload 50,000 to 5,000,000 Salesforce records. It can also be used when you export your data to create a backup or schedule data loads regularly, such as multiple nightly imports.

How to Download a Data Loader?  

You can download the Data Loader by logging into Salesforce org and going to the setup section. 

Next, follow the path: Setup-> Integration -> Data Loader, or just type Data Loader from Setup in the Quick Find box.

Functions of Data Loader:

  1. Insert: By selecting this, we can insert new records into Salesforce.
  2. Update: Update can make changes to existing records inside Salesforce.
  3. Upsert: Upsert will update the existing records. Combines insert and update; it updates a catalog if it already exists or inserts it.
  4. Delete Deletes records from the org.
  5. Export: Export information from the org into a CSV format.
  6. Export All: It will include records from the recycle bin.
  7. Hard Delete: It will permanently delete records without moving them to the recycle bin.

How to use Data Loader:-

1.Open the data loader and choose Insert, Update, Upsert, Delete, Hard Delete, Export, or Export All based on your choice. 


2.Enter your Salesforce username and password to log in.

    • Select the Environment as per your Org.
    • Select Production when you want to use Data Loader for Production or Developer org, and select Sandbox when you use testing org. Then click log in.
    • Fill in your username and password and click Login. Click on the Allow button to allow access. Click Next.

3.You select an object where data needs to be uploaded after login completion. For example, you choose opportunity when you want to insert opportunity records. Choose leads when you want to upload information, 

Select data Objects

4.If the object used to upload the data is unavailable in the list, you can check it from the show. This views a list of all things available in the org.

5.After selecting the object, click browse to select the CSV file.

6.Click ‘Next,’ and the CSV file is generated once you click ‘OK.’

7.If you decide to upsert data, there must be a column in your file for the IDs of the records.

8.This column can be either the Salesforce record ID or an external ID (a custom field called External ID).

9.Select the field for matching, click OK, and then Continue.

10.Using the Data Loader, you must also define how the   CSV file columns get mapped to your Salesforce fields.

11.You can use the existing mapping system or create a new way to map the records.

12.Lastly, you click Finish and confirm with Yes.

Once you are done with the Data Loader,  a dialog box summarises your results, such as how many new records were created, updated, or deleted, depending on what you were doing.


Maintaining accurate data is critical to the success of our marketing and sales efforts. Therefore, proper and efficient data processing is essential, and the Salesforce Data Loader helps ensure our imports and exports are as fast and easy as possible.

Salesforce offers several ways to get data into the system. For less than 50,000 records, you use Import Wizard. However, when you have more than five million, Data Loader is the right choice. With an easy-to-use interface to drag-and-drop features and automation, data loaders are a must-have for today’s Salesforce admins.

The Salesforce Data Loader platform is available in the Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience. Users can use the Salesforce data loader in Developer, Enterprise, Performance(public in Classic), and Unlimited editions. 

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