All you need to know about Web to Lead

Is it true that you are as yet refreshing the new leads physically on Salesforce or your CRM?

Is your Sales group busy with assignments that are not excessively productive?

Stop for some time, and consider a client filling in the structure on your site and all that getting physically refreshed on your Salesforce Platform.

Seems like a marvel!? Indeed, this is conceivable with the Web to lead elements and it can save the endeavours of your Sales group..

Want to know more?

Remain tuned to grasp everything exhaustively.

What is  Web to Lead?

Web to Lead is a cycle where we assemble all the data about the visitors on a site which can additionally be put away in the Salesforce platform as a new lead.

This is in general a simple interaction to ensure that the new lead record is moved and saved in the Salesforce Platform from the site structures which are filled in by the clients visiting the site. With the assistance of this, organisations get feedback on the products or services straightforwardly from the users. This thus assisted the brands with filling in the marketing part.

How to set up Web to Lead Form in Salesforce?

Step 1: – Go to Setup > Home >Go to Quick Find Box> Enter web to lead > Select web to lead.

Step 2: – To enable or edit settings, click edit & enable Web to lead & then click on Create a web to lead.

Step 3: – Select fields that you want to show in the form, transfer them from available to selected fields, then enter Return URL according to choice and click generate.

Step 4: – Salesforce creates Html code, we too can customise as per requirement. We can duplicate that code to our website, notepad and save as type.html, at last click on finish.

Fill in the form and the new lead will be created in the Salesforce org.

The Benefit of Using Web-To-Lead for Your Website

With the least exertion, one can make the web to lead forms in Salesforce which can be utilised to assemble all the significant information of users visiting the landing pages of the website. The overall process is easy thus following the steps is not complex. Consistently storing all the leads gathered on the website on to Salesforce is possible only with the help of the Web to lead feature, making it conceivable to utilise the information.

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All you need to know about Web to Lead
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