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What is a React Component Library?

React Component Library is a collection of components, organised in a  very meaningful manner providing the way to browse and preview the components. It is with the similar concept where all the components are React compatible. They show their API via props. It saves plenty of time and effort and they have many inbuilt components such as icons, buttons, forms, menu bar, date-time picker etc. By using these React components libraries awesome user interfaces and modern web design can be created. It includes small reusable components that not only optimize the UI development process but also provide higher flexibility.

Why React Component Libraries?

  • It has tonnes of components that are ready out of the box.
  • Most of them include the solution for responsive layouts. No need of third party CSS or Grid libraries.
  • Increased speed in delivery and also developer peace of mind.
  • Ability to collaborate efficiently
  • Consistency
  • Customization and flexibility

What are Best React Component Libraries?

1. Material UI

It is one of the most popular React component library which is developed by Google in 2014 and is well-known  for faster and simpler web development. We are able to easily and quickly create our own design or can start material design. The main motive of this component is that we are able to get highly customizable components that are especially made for developers. It includes a set of interesting, ready-to-use components that we are able to plug into our UI easily. It is well documented and supported. The documentation includes everything starting from installation of components to styling. For support there are lot of communities like Material-UI Community, Stack Overflow and Github. Material UI component library offers wide range of  options app bars to time pickers. For those who want complete control over design elements Materia-UI allows for custom themes. It is one of the most common React component library with lively React community of 1 Million + development experts in more than 180 nations. 

Ant Design

2.Ant Design

Ant Design (referred as AntD) is the world’s second most popular React UI. It gives complete and versatile design and has over 50 component libraries. With the help of Ant Design we can consider designing and developing full size applications. It differentiates itself from other React component libraries as a system design for enterprise-level products. There are most component libraries of Ant Design that make it stand out like date picker, dropdown, icon, button and many other components. It recommends using other React third-party libraries for components which falls outside the Ant Design like React Hooks Library or React JSON View. Although it does not offer pre-built themes unlike Material UI or React Bootstrap. It also has documentation, it does not offer in-depth documentation that Material UI has. It is easy to understand and include examples and API of each component. This component library also include for internationalisation support for dozen of languages. Ant Design also have community discussion via Github, Stack Overflow and Segmentfault.

3. React Bootstrap

React Bootstrap is a bit different but somewhat similar like the original Bootstrap framework which is popular in HTML, Javascript and CSS libraries. It is an entire revamp for React altogether and replaces Bootstrap Javascript and each component has been completely built from scratch as  a proper React component without any dependencies like jQuery. This component library inclines towards web development. With less than 30 components it does not provide that much components which Material UI and Ant Design offers. Less are often more especially for those who are already familiar with Bootstrap  and know it can accommodate their use case. It supports thousands of themes which can able to work with React Bootstrap depending upon Bootstrap defined classes and variants are used. Although it does not offer any support, but there is a large community and plenty of resources which support Bootstrap. Its website suggests starting with support in one of three places like Stack Overflow, Reactiflux Dischord and Github.

React Bootstrap

In conclusion, React Component Libraries provide us reusable and tested components. When used correctly this may be an excellent tool that saves time and ensures implementation of best practises.

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