What is Beta Testing? Importance, Advantages and Types of Beta Version

Beta Testing

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What is Beta Testing ?

Beta testing is an opportunity for real users to use a product in a production environment to find any issues in the product before the product is released.It is the final testing before a product is released. The purpose is to find as many issues as possible in this control setting.

Beta testers are real users and they are tested in a production environment that runs on the same hardware, networks, etc., as the final release.

There is no standard for what a beta test should be and how to set up beta testing. The actual testing procedure should be related to your test goals. 

Types of Beta Version:

Open Beta Version:

In the open beta, real users can use the product. Open beta tests do not restrict access and Open beta tests have given a method for submitting feedback.

Closed Beta Version:

In closed beta, the testing is limited and for selected testers that may consist of the current customers, early adopters, and/or paid beta testers. Closed beta tests are good for test applications. 

There are a few requirements for Beta Testing:

  •       The product should include all features which are planned for the release version.
  •       The product should be stable and test participants should not face crashes.
  •       Test participants should be relevant to the target audience.
  •       Test participants should complete the number of scenarios while using the application.
  •       Testing should be done in a Production environment.

Types Of Beta Testing:

1. Traditional Beta Testing

 This type of testing method Product is delivered to the target market, and feedback is collected from all aspects which will help to improve the quality of the Product.

2. Public Beta Testing:

In this type of testing, the Product is publicly delivered worldwide via online channels and collects feedback from users. Based on feedback and data collected from users the product improvements can be done.

3.Technical Beta Testing:

In this type of testing, the software product is delivered to the internal employees or group of an organisation and collects their feedback and suggestions for product improvement.

4. Focused Beta Testing:

This type of testing is used to test a specific feature or component of the software product. In this type of testing, the software product is delivered to the market or group of people and collects feedback and suggestions for making improvements in the product.

5. Post-release Beta Testing:

In this type of testing, the software product is delivered to the market for the end-users, and collects their feedback, suggestions, and data for the future release of the software.

Beta Test Plan:

1. Objective:

We should have to mention the purpose of the project  as to why beta testing is needed even after performing the internal testing. 

2. Scope

In this plan, we should clearly mention what are the areas to be tested and what are not to be tested.

3. Test Approach:

We should have to clearly mention that the testing is exploratory, what to focus on – functionality, UI, response, etc. Mention the procedure to log bugs and also what all to provide proof.

4. Schedule:

We have clearly mentioned the start and ending date with time, number of cycles, and duration per cycle.


Bug logging tools and their usage.

6. Budget

Incentive of the bugs based on the severity.

7. Feedback:

Collecting feedback and evaluating methods.

Importance Of Beta Testing:

  1. Customer Feedback
  2. Improve Product Quality
  3. Usability
  4. Improve Product Performance
  5. Save Money

Advantages of Beta Testing:

  1. Reduces product failure risk
  2. Improves product quality via customer feedback
  3. Cost-effective compared to similar data gathering methods
  4. Creates goodwill with customers and increases customer satisfaction
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