Bugendai Noble

Following the footsteps of Corporate Philanthropy i.e “Pledge 1%“, BugendaiTech introduced BugendaiNoble as the social vertical of the company that enables us to be socially accountable—to itself, its stakeholders, and the public. We try to make a continuous and conscious impact on all aspects of society, including economic, social, environmental, technological, etc. 

Bugendai Noble

Our Pledge 1%

Free Education to underprivileged
Pro Bono Activities
Plantation Drive
Care for Old Age Home
Technology Enablement

BugendaiNoble_Our Pledge 1%

Bugendai Noble
Bugendai Noble
Bugendai Noble Community
Bugendai Noble Community
Bugendai Noble Orphanage
Bugendai Noble Anniversary Celebration

We decide to contribute voluntarily for a better community and clean environment following all the simple footsteps. We integrate social, environmental and other useful concerns in our business operations to educate our employees and the society to live a conscious culture

Our Keytakeaways

  • Reducing carbon footprints as “We are remote from Day 1”
  • Volunteering in Community:
    • Investing in charitable activities in association with multiple NGOs
    • Investing in educating 200 students of rural areas of India
    • Sharing our 1% profit to the old age homes and orphanages every year
    • Conducting multiple plantation drives and blood donation drives 
  • Socially & environmentally conscious tokens 
    • For every birthday of our employee, we appreciate the value of giving by providing them with a token of appreciation which they voluntarily spend in contributing towards poor and deprived
    • For a new employee onboarding, we appreciate their choice of joining the organization and as a symbol of respect and trust  we present them with an unique welcome gift “A plant”
  • Enabling Technology 
    • Constructing a website for multiple Non profit organisation globally has been a key achievement
    • Engaging with new ideas to bridge the gap between technologically driven  and manually driven non profit organisation

Our Social Impact

Bugendai Noble education
Bugendai Noble
Bugendai Noble

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