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With the massive tech revolution, the global work environment has had a massive shift in the last few years and changes are accelerating faster now than ever before courtesy the pandemic. It is common to have few or most of your employees working remotely from co-working spaces, cafes or from the comfort of their home. So what can you do, as an employer, to create an environment of positivity, trust and then continue to harness that positive culture with a remote team?

Culture steers permissive behavior and it picks up where the employee handbook leaves off. It teaches the employees how to respond to an unrivalled situation and gives them the freedom to share new ideas and express their concerns freely. Everyday employees make hundreds of decisions on their own and the same culture acts as a guiding light and tells them what to do when the boss isn’t in the room.

BugendaiTech Remote Culture

Each company has its own culture but every company should strive to create a conducive and productive work environment for the employees and encourage creativity and productivity.

Hire the right people

A company’s workforce is the strongest advocate of the culture that will carry forward. A high performing employee with a rigid personality can be detrimental to the company culture which in turn is detrimental for business. The person you hire will represent the company outside the office too. They will shape and change and impact the view of the company. If they are kind and adhere to the company values, they will show positive light on the company. 

One misfit in the company can affect the entire organization as well as the clients. Action needs to be taken on such employees immediately before things snowball out of control. This also sets an example for the other “good” employees that they are cherished and respected thus reinforcing the company culture and values.

Why are we an eco-friendly company

Telecommuters use sustainable ways of working from home and consume less energy overall. They reduce fossil consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, excess use of plastic, water and paper thus reducing carbon footprints and impact the environment in a positive way.

The environmental impacts of virtual work and going paperless for a remote company do not just end with paper consumption. In the process, the saved trees contribute largely to emitting these greenhouse gases. Encourage the employees to nurture the company’s reputation as an eco-friendly organization. Make them understand how they are a part of a huge movement working towards a better future by choosing to work in an eco friendly setup. 

Our CEO, Mr. Roushan Kumar, adores nature and strongly believes in conserving it and the virtual setup was his brain child in order to do his bit in working to conserve the environment. Records state that a remote working company along with its employees aid in decreased air pollution because they travel less hence decreasing overall greenhouse gas emissions, fuel consumption, and energy usage.

Importance of giving back to your community

As a successful organization, it is important to find a cause that you believe in and actively support it and aid those in need in your community. It is a great way to enrich and broaden your perspectives about the world and to dedicate and surround yourself with people who are trying to make the world a better place. 

The gratitude felt by offering community service often manifests in other areas of one’s life. We can all impact our surroundings and make the world a better place and better so by working with an organization that shares such profound thoughts.

As a CSR initiative, we have “BugendaiNoble.”A cause we believe in strongly and encourage our employees to do the same. On every employee’s birthday, we pledge to lend a hand to the less privileged and do our bit in bringing a smile on someone’s face. 

Team building

A sense of belonging and working together as a team goes a long way in an organization more so in a virtual setup. A team that works together, excels together and they understand their goals and chalk out strategies by banking on each other’s strengths. It harbours interpersonal relationships and employees learn to take in stride both success and failures!

Every organization needs to foster creativity, learning and encourage it among employees to build a strong and successful setup one that can further grow on these core values and ethics and succeed at every given point.

At our organization, we host monthly  town hall meetings wherein we get all the employees together to appreciate each other as a team on our achievements, play fun  games and aid a fruitful conversation among people so that they get to know each other outside of work too.In retrospect, any organization that has a strong head that enforces the core cultural values in its employees and ensures that everybody is given a chance to grow and flourish in that setup, while welcoming creativity and learnings will be a successful one.

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BugendaiTech Remote Culture
Know-how BugendaiTech Remote Culture is maintained. What do we as a company do to maintain decorum for the remote employees and how we are giving it back to the society?
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