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A chatbot is an application that uses Artificial Intelligence to mimic conversations with people and a lot of businesses in a broad spectrum of industries have hopped on the bandwagon to ease sales flows, aid better customer service, boost customer loyalty and lower support costs by means of faster replies.
Lot of industries like the Healthcare Industry, E-commerce, Aviation Industry, Real Estate, Banking and Finance Industries use chatbots with different use cases. The Chatbot can be as basic as an app that has a simple conversation with an individual and can be developed enough to manage your finances. Facebook is the most popular and vastly used Chatbot with over 1.2 billion active users.

Let us look at a few aforementioned industries and how they leverage the chatbot.

Healthcare Industry | CHATBOT APPLICATIONS

Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare industry is a place where there is no room for error and requires absolute focus and attention to detail. A chatbot can be used for small administrative functions like appointment scheduling. It can also eliminate error caused during manual entry of tasks by staff by automating the process. They can help synergize the front office healthcare by utilizing the information that doctors / nurses use to streamline admission, discharge patients, schedule patient consultation and much more. 
Chatbots are also the pinnacle of data-driven insights, something that is particularly important to the healthcare industry. With chatbots, medical institutions can make data-driven decisions, to boost sales and marketing, based on the trove of data that the bots provide.

Banking Industry

The banking industry has seen a paradigm shift in the industry and in the way customers conduct transactions. The sophistication of technology has enabled them to engage in fiscal transactions deemed impossible a decade ago. With the click of a button, customers can transfer funds, conduct important transactions without really stepping in the bank. With fewer people entering financial institutions, people prefer speaking to the tellers over a call or better a chatbot, which is why a lot of institutions in the BFSI sector have been gaining that conversational edge for better customer service.
Customers now prefer a 24/7 personal banker at their fingertips. Cherry on the cake? Chatbots have an uptime of 99%! They ease complicated tasks, mundane customer requests since they are trained for it.
One of the major obstacles of adoption of new technology in the BFSI sector is compliance and security. With chatbots, one can build security protocols from the ground up, integrate 2-factor authentication and authorization tools, isolate data stores and sensitive backends, use firewalls, network isolation, anonymize token integration and much more to make it completely secure.

Banking Industry

Aviation Industry

Chatbots are effectively a cloud-based digital concierge. Low level chatbots can significantly reduce downtime spent on generic FAQ’s. The bots can be developed to provide relevant statistics and information to both customers and businesses in real time by analyzing both structured and unstructured data.
Chatbots are intelligent omnichannel messaging API’s that can assist in managing flight reservations, search for flights, sorth through numerous details like date, day time etc and even ensure your new and existing customers and you are connected no matter where they are.

The software can understand a user’s requirements and buying patterns to deliver a tailored solution instead of a one solution fit all policy. This means more personalised and meaningful engagement with customers at a scale which was previously unheard of.


Chatbots are bridging the gap between customers and businesses and recreating experiences by providing them intelligent recommendations and personalized services since they are built with AT and are driven by a predefined set of rules. The bot can grow with your business and offer solutions to customer inquiries on numerous social media platforms like Facebook or can also be integrated with the company’s virtual store to create a valuable shopping experience.
Ecommerce businesses can benefit largely by providing a “cart recovery” option. Chatbots can remind the users of abandoned or previously wishlisted items from their cart and ask them if they would like to add them or proceed without them. More often than not, such reminders encourage customers to shop more than they required to!

In short, Chatbots can be customised to fit the use case of any industry and we are here to do just that!

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