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Chatbots are the most trending in every service-based business. Everyone is talking about AI based chatbots and every business wants to figure out how to use those AI based chatbots to improve customer experience..

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Designing a chatbot UI will vary based on businesses, industry, and target customers.

  • Firstly through chatbot window/GUI , the user makes a request in the form which is in either textual form or voice form i.e. customer send their query in form voice which in turn is converted to text using Machine learning techniques.
  • Based on user input format i.e. text or voice is further passed to NLP model for analyzing the user query and understanding the semantic/intended meaning or context of query i.e. what user wants to ask to the chatbot.
  • After NLP analysis of the user query,it is passed to the Model which is based on machine learning and deep learning. Then the model will generate the accurate response to the respective user query in real-time.

USP of  our AI-based chatbot

Our Chatbot will be handling more than 65% of the customer queries and providing solutions efficiently, effectively and in real time.

  • 24*7 support –You can’t rely on support agents or business teams for 24×7 service. Anytime response to customer queries is important even after business hours when the team is not available.Our AI based Chatbots can handle such customer queries with automated and instant responses i.e. within seconds and help businesses to save customer service costs.
  • Unlike live support teams who can handle two to three conversations, Our AI-based chatbots can simultaneously handle 1000s of conversations. No matter what time it is or how many customers/users are reaching you, every customer’s queries will be responded to immediately.
  • Our AI based chatbot will handle customer queries and provide responses in real-time along with web links which will be providing detailed information of that User-query so that users need not to navigate on the whole website to get respective information thus will save user time and will build better relations between business and customers.
  • Also our chatbot will provide the emails of respective departments in addition to responses, based on the query type which will help in better communication between business and customers.
  • Our AI based chatbot not only accepts the user’s textual query but also accepts the user’s voice query and provides a response in real time.
  • Thus, our AI -bots significantly reduce operational costs, manpower, and time.

Executive Summary

AI-based Chatbots are still considered as an emerging technology, but they are quickly maturing as they are handling varieties of customer queries with sense as humans have and playing a vital role in many businesses’ customer service, sales, and marketing operations.As AI, ML, and deep neural network applications are evolving, each new generation of chatbots is bound to be better and better.

AI-based chatbots empower businesses to improve their efficiency and productivity by providing instant responses and solutions to customers for simple queries and which will boost customer satisfaction.

But as with all trends, there are a lot of queries rised for AI-based chatbots:

  • What exactly are AI-based chatbots?
  • How do they provide real time answers to customer queries?
  • Just how “smart” are AI-based chatbots?
  • Should we invest in chatbots for our business?

With our BugendaiTech’s chatbot integration solution you can save:

What is a Chatbot?

AI-based chatbots are programs that provide simulations which can understand customers’ language, process it and interact back with the user automatically based on a set of predefined conditions,triggers and/or events while performing specific tasks.

However, Using chatbots to help businesses grow is only a recent phenomenon.

As customers/user demands are increasing not just in the way they choose to buy, but also in the ways they wish to communicate with businesses, many traditional online experiences/methods are not that much efficient.

Chatbots are the fastest response means to communicate with your customers. This step can lead to time and cost savings for both businesses and customers.

AI-based Chatbots empowers businesses and provides the first level support that filters a customer request before it is directed to the business team which in turn saves time and improve customer experience

Chatbots Now and In Our Future

Business applications of AI-based chatbots for consumer-facing goods or getting business information are growing rapidly.

According to a survey “over 59% of millennials and 60% of Gen Xers in the United States have interacted with chatbots”.

And In fact ,according to a Faceb

ook Survey, more than 50% of customers/users say that  they are more likely to shop with a business that they can connect with via chat.

According to Gartner Survey,

By 2020, 85% of our engagement with businesses will be done without interacting with another human. Instead, we’ll be using self-service options and chatbots.”

Also according to an Oracle survey,

“80% of businesses said they currently use or are planning to use chatbots by 2020.”

Customers are expecting to get the information they are looking for on one button click i.e within a second and in the blink of an eye. When this doesn’t happen, leads to customers frustration or you losing a sale or even losing a potential consumer forever.

According to survey, the top four most frustrating things about traditional methods are:

  1. Customers feel bored navigating through the whole website to get their queries solved (34%).
  2. Can’t get answers to simple questions as agents are not available 24*7 (31%)
  3. Basic details about a business are hard to find as new to surf the whole website. (28%).
  4. Takes too long a time to find services (27%).

Why AI-based chatbots:

  • Every customer has their own way of asking questions. In that case  our AI based chatbot provides answers to queries by analysing the user query and understanding the intended meaning of sentences using some NLP techniques, based on that chatbot provides relevant responses to a user query.
  • Our AI-based chatbot also provides a service of Voice-input where users can send their query in the form of voice and get an immediate response from chatbots same as how Alexa, Siri works.
  • Our AI chatbots can engage customers 24×7 and can easily manage customer requests with instant responses and boost customer satisfaction which will help businesses in order to improve efficiency, productivity and customer experience.
  • AI -Chatbots are the best means to provide error-free service to customers and avoid complications. Accuracy is guaranteed with chatbots.

General workflow of AI based chatbot:

Chatbot Window GUI
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What is a chatbot? Why do every business insist on having an AI-based chatbot for their communication department and how it can improve the customer relationship management system with it.
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June 21, 2021

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