ChatGPT is all set to boom the world of NLP!!

ChatGPT is all set to boom the world of NLP!!

ChatGPT is all set to boom the world of NLP

Introduction To ChatGPT:

Developed and innovated by the research group of OpenAI, ChatGPT is an astonishingly fantastic creation in the world of chatbots. It has made a remarkable moment in the evolution of AI. Along with the magic of NLP and Machine Learning, ChatGPT can perform a wide variety of jaw-dropping tasks that sets it apart from other general-purpose Chatbots.

ChatGPT is a fine-tuned version of GPT-3.5, a language model with a massive dataset; of around 175 billion parameters. This facet makes it highly informed on the issues and topics flooding the Internet.

Unlike the existing chatbots, which use a predefined set of rules or responses to interact with the user, ChatGPT is trained differently. It is oriented to produce natural and varied reactions based on the input it receives. Therefore, it is a personal guide proficient in all subject matters.

Moreover, it is also fine-tuned to provide conversational responses, likely because of the transformers model lying behind it. Finally, the neural network at its back is exceptionally trained on diversified informal transcripts with human feedback.

In a nutshell, the algorithm behind ChatGPT is mainly based on the Transformer Architecture and Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF).

Features of ChatGPT that set it apart from other Chatbots 

  • Memory: The most crucial inclusion in ChatGPT is memory, which could not be seen in any existing models. The bot can remember and recount old conversations to the user, just like a normal human conversation. This feature makes it more engaging.
  • ChatGPT is trained to avoid giving answers on controversial topics like violence, caste, creed, color, gender, discrimination, etc. 
  • Allows users to provide corrections to any of its statements.
  • Open-ended conversations on any topic can be handled under one roof of ChatGPT. It is not confined to any specific domain or task like other Chatbots.
  • ChatGPT is also effectively skilled in carrying out ample language tasks. ChatGPT can accomplish translation, summarization, text production, keyword recognition, suggestions, and more.These features make ChatGPT a genuinely innovative tool for NLP developers and researchers.


Use Cases:

  • Writing and Debugging Code: ChatGPT can give exact solutions for any coding question. It can even debug a given code and provide the suggested changes.

  • Research consultant, brainstorming partner, or writing assistant: It can give suggestions and produce amusing poems and songs, spot-on imitations, and reflective essays on virtually any topic.
  • Can provide personalised guidance: ChatGPT can suggest any topic and provide the best possible advice. Chatbots can power virtual assistants, such as Siri and Alexa. It can understand and respond well to natural language inputs and provide users with relevant information, advice, and recommendations. For ex:
  • Tweet in the style of anyone: One can professionally tweet in the style of anyone; any famous personality, favourite influencer, that renowned artist, the world’s richest person, a prominent politician, or yourself.

  • Deploy a virtual VM
  • Ask for Explanation
  • Asking follow-up questions
  • API integration
  • Generate SQL Queries

Considering the above use cases, ChatGPT can be regarded as the most potent NLP tool. It is likely a boon for many people from different sectors, like coders, researchers, academics, policymakers, journalists, and many more. It performs exceptionally well in all use cases and gives reliable results. This usage is the Magic Of Natural language Processing and Artificial Intelligence that ChatGPT incorporates.


While ChatGPT has succeeded in astonishing its users with all it has to offer, ChatGPT does have some limitations.

  • The main limitation or restriction of ChatGPT is that it may not be able to provide accurate information or explanations of the global events that happened after 2021. It is mainly trained on an extensive data set, including all the happenings and information before 2021.
  • ChatGPT may need help understanding or responding to users with varied backgrounds, experiences, or language abilities, leading to misunderstandings or bias in the information.
  • ChatGPT is sensitive to alterations to the input phrasing or giving a try to the same prompts multiple times.

For example:


ChatGPT has made an enormous leap in the field of Natural Language Processing and is still developing to acquire perfection in all scenarios. Moreover, ChatGPT is well-trained to be used in various specialised domains; like Finance, Healthcare, and Science, wherein it can provide expert-level advice and aid. Therefore, whether the user is a researcher, a developer, or simply someone who spends his leisure time exploring things, ChatGPT is worth checking out.

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ChatGPT is all set to boom the world of NLP!!
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