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During this pandemic, we have been looking for ways where we could utilize our expert cloud services for health care to best serve our clients, partners, and communities. It comes with great pleasure to declare that multiple countries are receiving the expertise of BugendaiTech Salesforce CRM, CMS, and Data Science expertise as a major aspect of our policy of giving back to society.

These segments of people are already benefiting from our expertise across a variety of roles to share unified visions empowering the day to day global pandemic combat.

Salesforce Health Cloud is a staggering platform offering exceptional tools that simplify data for our pandemic heroes especially medical professionals. We always say that BugendaiTech helps data work for the clients and we are contributing our bits thoughts extending our services to the non-profits.

We contribute our two cents knowing that these efforts will make valuable contributions towards global upliftment.

Our leadership team along with the in-house professionals have made us extremely proud by working relentlessly and making this mission a huge success. Furthermore, we can’t wait to share our technological expertise with the rest of the world and bring the pandemic to an end.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

Salesforce is committed to providing tools to help organizations respond and recover from the challenges of COVID-19. Salesforce recently released, a suite of solutions are resources to enable business and community leaders to reopen safely while helping to keep employees, customers, and partners safe and informed during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

This week, Salesforce will focus on the Shift Management solution in, which helps businesses coordinate the return of employees to the office with capabilities to schedule workers in shifts and help reduce office density.

Companies can use Shift Management tools to calculate availability for reopening at a certain scale and analyze the challenges at the floor level or even specific areas within that floor. Companies can use this tool to figure out when people are available, what allocations of available space there might be, and much more.

Shift Management is more useful in handling business interruptions – COVID-19 or otherwise. Given that it tackles scheduling based on allowed workspace capacity, employers and HR departments can simply set the parameters based on what is deemed safe then the Shift Management solution removes the guesswork – helping organizations get back to work safely.

Please let me know if you need any help with Shift Management. Technology Mindz is a Salesforce Consulting Partner and has quality experience in delivering Salesforce CRM solutions. We can help you with Salesforce customization, maintenance, or development services.

With so much uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, We want to offer each other one of your reassurance and support in these tough times.

We are following and implementing all advice and the latest guidelines provided by Public Health Care here in India and the CDN in the USA. Our primary concern remains the safety and welfare of every one of our own team.



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Covid precausions


covid health care

BugendaiTech has always believed in cultivating remote working ideas, where we can give enough time to self, family, and friends. We are a team that fully functions using different cloud technologies like Zoom, Teamwork, G Suite, and others which keep us moving as usual, even during these times.

We will continue to deliver on products, project needs, and onsite/offsite job support virtually in order to help keep our SME and business runs unaffected, as much as possible.

At this time I feel more than ever that our support is needed for society and instructions to stay together and remain strong. If we can be a ray of sunshine by providing individuals who come to work at BugendaiTech with a new community of peer support and inject a degree of excitement for learning something new, we feel like we are helping. For our customers, we are providing payment plans to support those who need to pay in installments.

In this time we are doing what we can to support our business around:

better pricing
credit line through the development
virtual support
stress support
idea generation
general conversation

We are fortunate to be in a position whereby our team is fully set up for home working and will be continuing business as usual with extra measures in place. All of our training and recruitment services are delivered virtually, as is the norm.

Please do reach out to us if you would like to chat on +15167245170 / +919518734058

We very much appreciate your ongoing business and support and we look forward to continuing to work with you all virtually during this period of uncertainty.

Wishing you and your families health and well-being during these times,

Best Wishes

Roushan Kumar

BugendaiTech Team