Cross-platform app with React Native

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Cross-platform app with React Native

 Understanding Cross-platform applications

As we can see today the popular framework for developing cross-platform mobile application is React Native which means projects where you need to write the code once for the mobile app but that can be deployed on multiple mobile platforms such as Windows , Android, and IOS are Cross-Platform apps so Let’s explore things about React Native.

Why is React Native best for Cross-platform app development?

Well, let’s see what is React Native?  React Native is nothing but an open source mobile application framework of JavaScript and It was maintained by Facebook and Instagram And it uses the concept of JavaScript (ES6) and React for development of native applications on various platforms. A few years back Cordova, Ionic, or Phone Gap were a perfect for building hybrid apps and cost-effective alternatives to native development. React Native translates the virtual DOM into mobile native views using platform(OS) native bindings with applications in JavaScript.

Learning with React Native

React Native is like React, If you know all the patterns in the React world like props, components, lifecycle, render props, hoc’s, redux ,etc. You are really well so you can start working with React Native but it uses native components instead of web components as building blocks.

React Native has a tremendously huge  react-native-community. No wonder that top companies like Facebook, Airbnb, or Uber use React Native in their mobile application

 You must have heard before about third party plugins which is not allowed in other frameworks so developers sometimes have to suffer because it is not secure to use them but react native allows to add this type of plugins in the application.

If you are coming from a web development background you can be aware with multiple languages. Moreover you can certainly use the knowledge of HTML,CSS with flexbox which is used for UI development and JAVASCRIPT for functionality.

Selection of CLI in React Native

A Command Line Interface (CLI) that allows to perform any functional operations on the system with visual interface by accepting the inputs in the form of commands. React Native comes with 2 CLIs so you will have to check which one suits your requirement. They are follows:

1) Expo CLI

2) React-Native CLI

Using this CLI we can customize any implementation with third party plugins. We can easily develop a hybrid app and native app for both Android and iOS with the same lines of code. If you are a beginner go with Expo CLI later when you are more familiar with the React environment then you can start with React-Native CLI. If you need any “advanced” feature in React Native you need to build a Native Bridge. You can explore Expo and React-Native CLI’s directories on GitHub.

React Native vs. Flutter

Both React Native and Flutter have excellent graphical features. React Native requires JavaScript as a programming language for implementing bridge between react native and device’s native environment, Flutter requires Dart programming language for accessing native features of the mobile device. React Native requires less components compared to flutter. Flutter has a variety of official plugins for the geolocation and mapping and React Native works well with one-time location tracking


Talking about the future is bright for React Native considering its current popularity in cross-platform Applications.  This React Native technology has the highest performance among crossplatform frameworks and it comes with a variety of advantages like code reusability, low maintenance, and hot reloads. cross-platform are well versed with the systems as well as smart devices so React-native used in cross-platform is an effective solution for the programming world which provides stability to the application as well as boosts its performance.

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Cross-platform app with React Native
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