Dash for business

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When we are talking about visualizing the data, which can be understood by a non-technical person is very important. Sometimes it happens that the project will get completed very quickly but for proper visualization of what we have done is not there, for this reason our product looks incomplete, and the client will not understand the technical terms, they require proper graphical representation of every data and a proper dashboard where everything presents in only one screen.

To solve this problem, Python introduced a library named Dash”, which has thousands of unique features to represent data in the correct and beautiful manner, Where dash comes with different types of graph representation like bar graph, line graph, pie chart, scatter plot and many more. Which can be called and shown in 2-3 lines of code. Using dash is very simple, we just need to have a better understanding of python language. Dash can be very useful for business, where the client is not that comfortable with programming languages and statistics, dash will give them a graphical representation of those data where numbers are represented in the form of percentages, which can make it very easy to grasp anything in one go for a non-technical person.

Dash for business

Dash is basically used by Data Scientists to represent their work, where they use it to show insight on a dataset. Dash is not just used to represent graphs, we can use it in many other applications where we can represent our Machine learning , Artificial intelligence, Deep learning model working. Where it makes it very easy to show anyone our work by not letting them see our code. Dash comes with functionality like taking inputs, showing outputs, progress bar, graphs, dropdowns, uploader, buttons and many more. Where dash is based on HTML and CSS language for building an Application Layout. So it makes it very easy to design a UI in dash. Dash is a very powerful tool which not just works with python language but also with R, julia. 

Dash also comes with a portability

 feature where you can run a single dash application on any operating system.

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Dash for business
Dash for business was introduced by Python. It is a simplified version of data that can be understood by a person with a non-technical background. Know more about how Dash for business can be beneficial.
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June 23, 2021

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