Data Science

Data Science

Over the past thirty years data science has appeared in various contexts and now it has become an established term. Before, mostly the data we had was small and structured, which was analysed by using simple tools.Data mining and big data where the most powerful programming system, powerful hardware and the most efficient algorithms is used to solve the problem is the basic concepts of data science. Hence it is a large amount of structured and unstructured data which is used to identify template to help an organization rein in costs, and increase their efficiencies to recognize new market opportunities in a competitive way. 

Bugendai Tech experts on Data Science can help you to draw accessible insights from Big Data to understand their customers and keep them engaged. We can also help valued customers, define optimal mix for customer rewards and loyalty and straw the right customer interaction and channel. As data science becomes an important, growing part of a business, hence our IT infrastructure teams will provide services in Ingesting data, preparing data, building modules and visualization.


We Bugendai tech use various technologies to analyze Big Data for our client. We use both Classic Analytical tool and New Data Science tool for reliable, secure, fast, flexible, fast data network.

In Classic Analytical we use Separate Private Server like: SAAS, MATLAB, MS Excel, SQL Server as per requirement 

In New Data Science tool we use cloud-based server cluster like: Spark, python, Mysql as per requirement.

How we can assist you

The more engagements Bugendai Tech data science team can help you on sites meeting and calls. Our team will help you to deliver specific projects according to the priorities set by clients.