Deliver Better Support Using Power Virtual Agents

Deliver Better Support Using Power Virtual Agents

Deliver Better Support Using Power Virtual AgentsOverview 

With Power Virtual Agents, you can create AI-powered chatbots capable of handling various activities, from simple answers to complex problem-solving discussions. Use Facebook, Microsoft Teams, mobile apps, websites, and other platforms supported by the Azure Bot Framework to interact with customers and staff in various languages.

Why Power Virtual Agent?

Microsoft’s most recent chatbot creation platform, Power Virtual Agents, has a 24/7 open help desk through Microsoft Power Automate. 

    • User-Friendly, No-Code Platform: This no-code platform is a state-of-the-art method for software developers that allows users to create many essential application features without needing a technical mediator. The Power Virtual Agent’s interface is straightforward and completely suits a user’s needs, thanks to the program’s flexibility. Additionally, by including an open-source coding platform, the Agent is adaptable enough to accommodate any need outside the no-code paradigm

What is a bot?

A bot is a computer program that simulates human behavior or acts as an agent for a user, another program, or both. Typically, bots are designed to automate specific tasks so they can be used without explicit human guidance.

A bot can fill the role of a human who would otherwise have to do repetitive work for an organisation or individual. Furthermore, bots are much faster than individuals at performing these activities. As a result, bots can perform useful functions but can also be malicious and masquerade as malware.

How do bots work?

A computer programme, known as a bot, often called an online bot or a robot, simulates human behaviour or acts as an agent for a user, another programme, or both. Bots are typically created to automate particular tasks so they can be used without direct human direction.

A bot can perform the repetitive tasks that a human for a company or an individual would otherwise perform. Furthermore, bots can complete these tasks considerably more quickly than people. Bots can be used for good, but they can also be harmful and pretend to be malware.

An overview of the advantages of Power Virtual Agents is provided below:

    • A proper safety net is created for the no-code platform.
    • Developed with a user-friendly interface for optimal use.
    • Platform design transitions without issues between a standalone online app and a more separate app within Microsoft Teams.
    • There are two ways to establish a technology umbrella for developers.
    • Options for in-app coding.
    • A resource that allows you to switch between development and assessment on one page.
    • Resources on the internet for user inquiries, such as a community hub.

Steps to create a BOT

1.Log in with your credentials at

2.Create a Topic 

3.Start preparing one keyword according to your requirements that will be used as a Trigger. 

4.Add necessary steps as per your requirements.

5.Publish the BOT, or you can see the result within the Application of how BOT is performing.

Link your bot to a web application

    • Go to Manage > Channels in the Power Virtual Agents side pane.
    • To launch the setup window, select the Mobile app tile.
    • Give your app developers the code from the Web-based apps section to add to your web-based app.

Power Virtual agent use cases for business

Customers anticipate that chatbots will aid them with everyday tasks like obtaining human assistance or a speedy response in an emergency. Furthermore, chatbots are capable of much more.

Here are some significant chatbot use cases for business, organised by function,customer service and support use cases.

    • The initial level of help is chatbots. Your chatbot can provide customers with immediate assistance, particularly in an emergency or after business hours. Chatbots can also handle refunds and order cancellations.
    • Chatbots respond to recurrent and frequent queries. Giving clients a choice to speak with a chatbot in place of your support staff would be more cost-effective, for instance, if questions about your pricing plans are frequently requested.
    • Visitors can navigate a site more easily with chatbots. Chatbots can assist with navigation by guiding users to select pages, revealing knowledge, and providing task instructions (e.g., registration).
    • In another use case, Financial transactions can be handled by chatbots. For example, Chatbots can quickly assist consumers in paying bills, checking card balances, and other tasks, especially in the banking or financial industries.

Customer feedback with chatbots: Automated consumer feedback gathering is possible with chatbots. To record grievances or requests, they can conduct surveys or speak with customers, helping to hear the customer’s voices.

Marketing use cases for chatbots: Chatbots are capable of offering tailored recommendations. AI assistants can track users’ online activity and send them customised suggestions or relevant marketing material.

Chatbots make email marketing and collection more accessible. For example, bots can run promotions, organise contests, and sign people up for webinars, events, and newsletters.

Power Virtual Agent Licence:

To use Power Virtual agent, we must acquire a Microsoft license.

These are the features that are included in the license.


Microsoft’s newest chatbot creation tool is called Power Virtual Agents. Although this comfortable platform is made for ease of use, it nonetheless provides extensive functions. Although coding is not necessary, an open-source coding alternative gives both novice and expert coders access to control. In addition, your business demands may be satisfied with this adaptable chatbot, accessible through Microsoft Teams and as a standalone app. With the help of Power Virtual Agents, you may handle your customer service and employer-employee integrity differently.

Explore Chatbots in more detail.

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Deliver Better Support Using Power Virtual Agents
AI-powered chatbots powered by Power Virtual Agents can handle a wide range of activities, from simple answers to complex problem-solving.
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