Deriving Insights through Tableau CRM

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Tableau CRM which was formerly known as Einstein Analytics is a powerful and versatile data analytics platform that enables organisations to extract, combine, transform and visualise their data to create valuable business insights.

Actionable insights can be created using tableau CRM provides a hands-on approach to derive useful and valuable business insights. Businesses and organisations must become excellent at data analytics, organisations must have expertise in gathering, understanding, sharing, and actioning data. The main agenda of data analysis is to :

Get Data ——-> Create Insights ———-> Actions over the insights

Tableau CRM provides an innovative platform for customer and business analytics. This platform has been optimised for mobile use and provides customer analytics to organisations CRM. Tableau CRM prevails the flexibility to work with any data.

Tableau CRM has some features that make it unique :

AI-driven analytics platform

With Tableau CRM, it becomes quite easy to identify the trends and get relevant suggestions to take better business actions. It helps us to understand data well and obtain assistance based on AI for further course of actions, irrespective of what skills or knowledge users have.

Inbuilt data management tool

Tableau CRM includes numerous data sources that users can use easily. Users can collect data from external sources and merge everything on one platform. It helps you to build complete visualisations and insightful dashboards with its exceptional connectors.

Predictions and recommendations based on AI

Due to its automated discovery of trends and AI-based predictions, Tableau CRM has achieved great importance by analysts and marketers. Tableau CRM provides great predictive and prescriptive analytics that help users to analyse data efficiently.

Inbuilt templates to build AI-powered apps

The Tableau CRM helps users to develop AI-driven business intelligence applications. It provides your team with built-in templates, visualisation, and inbuilt analytics to easily build a customised application. This provides you with a superior analytics experience completely customised to cater to your business requirements.

While the above features make Tableau CRM unique from any other BI tools that have features to read salesforce data or CRM data. Despite having generating insights and story building features Tableau CRM also protects the data as we all know that an organisation’s data is sensitive and its accessible to everyone can lead to serious repercussions to the organisation. Tableau CRM comes with a role hierarchy directly from salesforce and automatically knows the user, their role, and their appropriate access level.

Moreover, Tableau CRM also simplifies the data governance process to adapt the new business requirements as user adoption and engagement grow. Tableau CRM streamlines the functioning of every department from sales to marketing, HR, finance, admin, and analysts. It has the potential to help companies to fetch insights from data anytime and anywhere. It empowers organisations to access, explore and understand data by leveraging the best of both tools.

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Deriving Insights through Tableau CRM
Tableau CRM is a flexible data analytics platform that allows businesses to extract and analyze data in order to generate actionable business insights. To learn more, read DERIVING INSIGHTS THROUGH TABLEAU CRM.
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