Don’t be just an Insurance Agent, Be a Trusted Advisor

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Don’t be just an Insurance Agent, Be a Trusted Advisor with Salesforce Finance Cloud.

In the current fast-paced environment, the expectations of policyholders have changed. They are not just satisfied with satisfactory service experience from their insurance agent. In fact, the policyholder seeks a trusted advisor on whom they can depend for their entire life in relation to managing risk and protecting their assets. A trusted advisor always connects with their clients when they need them the most, which helps them to nurture those relationships at vital phases of their life which include marriage, having a baby, retirement. This attitude of the agent makes a difference to the insurance companies by building high satisfactory relationships with their customers. Right from acquiring new customers to retaining them for a lifetime.

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  3. 38% increase in productivity with Finance cloud
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Agile financial institutions are adopting digital technology to stand out in the industry with top-notch service which leads to customer satisfaction at the center. 

Consider a business environment where the insurance agents are stepping up their benchmark by providing extraordinary services to customers at cost-effective and scalable across any channel.

In this blog, we’ll discover how insurance companies delegate their agents to go beyond routine tasks and foster long-lasting customer relationships which helps them to grow as trusted advisors.

  • Deliver Personalized Customer Journeys: 

In this fast-changing business environment, customers are seeking more tailor-made, digital services in all industries and even on various channels which include social media, phone, email, chats, etc. In addition to all these customers are becoming more informed, more demanding and looking for better experiences. Thriving insurance companies are thinking differently about customer engagement. For this, they are ahead of one-to-one dialogues with customers and provide customized advice.

It was found in the latest Salesforce report that 63 percent of customers want to work with their financial advisor. Because of less financial knowledge and awareness, the customer wants to work closely with their insurance agent by sharing their personal information. By obtaining the personal information of customers at hand, agents can act as trusted advisors and ultimately help their customers in protection, investment, and retirement goals.

  • Adapt to a Dynamic Industry Environment

We are on the verge of a major wealth shift among generations which will push agents to come up with new strategies so that they can serve broader customers across all age groups.

This is a lucrative opportunity for insurance agents to increase their business and pull closer to new opportunities who are planning for their future financial obligation. And in these scenarios, the most trusted agents for long-term relationships will take the benefit out of it not only with the present household but also with the hot referrals.  

  • Dive Into a Digital Transformation

Those Insurance providers who understand the penetrating change in customer expectations are looking at how they can deal with their policyholder’s needs for a trusted advisor in the middle of an evolving industry change. How can you interact with them in a customized manner and also on the scale?

Agile companies are ready to adopt innovative technology to understand customers on a deeper level. According to an Accenture report, half of the policyholders recently said they would prefer those insurers who will be available for digital engagement channels (chat, social, mobile, email). This statistic has some insurance companies scrambling. In the current situation, leading insurance companies are investing in digital channels to transform the customer journey and compete with other players. 

“As per Accenture report, 74% of policyholders said they get extremely frustrated with insurers when they contact them multiple times for the same reason.”


Engagement systems, such as Salesforce for Insurance, furnish your company with the ability to be nimble, data-driven, and combined with customers. Be on the same platform where your sales representative can smoothly upsell or cross-sell because they have better lookout and visibility which they require to help customers personally. Plus, your customer information will be available at your fingertips, be it in your office or on the go. Each engagement will be visible, auditable, and repeatable for all of your agents and you’ll have enough flexibility to extend as you scale across channels and products.

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September 28, 2021

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