Drop-Shipment Purchase Order

Drop-Shipment Purchase Order

In Dynamic 365 Business Central, the Drop Shipment procedure continues with this blog. Refer to the following links for the prior blog post on how to establish drop-shipping sales orders. 1. Drop Shipment Sales Cycle

On the sales side of drop shipping, we have covered the procedure. Now that we have the vendor’s information, we can construct a purchase order for drop shipping.

To Create a Purchase Order

1.Go to the “Tell Me icon and then search for “Purchase Order”. 2.Select the Purchase Orders List page and a list of all the active purchase orders will open up

          3.A new purchase order can be created by selecting the “New” icon.


          4.Enter the “Vendor Name”.

          To view a list of vendors, click on the three dots. Select the necessary vendor, then

          click OK.

The card will be filled in automatically with all the essential vendor-related data.

Note: The Vendor Invoice No. can be kept blank for the time being; it must be filled in when the vendor bills you.

          5.Now expand the shipping and payment FastTab.

             Under the Ship-to Field, select the Customer Address as the location of the shipment.

         6.The new “Customer” field will be visible under the “Ship-to” field. Select the customer from the list (note: here the customer should match the sales order customer for whom the sales drop shipment is being made).

          7.Now to get the sales order that we created previously, Navigate to “Actions”-> “Functions”-> “Drop shipment”-> ”Get Sales Order”

         8.A list of all the active sales orders for that particular customer will be displayed. Choose the necessary sales order, then click OK.

         9.Inside Lines FastTab, lines will be automatically populated according to the sales order lines.

          10.The purchase order can then be printed and delivered in hard copy to the vendor, or it can be emailed to them via email.

              Select the method you want to use by going to the Print/Send option.

The vendor will deliver the necessary materials to the customer’s ship-to address after obtaining the PO. You can go to the sales order page and post it once you have the vendor’s confirmation of shipment.

In the next blog, the posting of sales and purchase orders will be covered. 3. Drop Shipment Sales and Purchase Posting

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Drop-Shipment Purchase Order
In Dynamic 365 Business Central, the Drop Shipment procedure continues with the prepared purchase order, they will either ship the desired item.
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