Drop-Shipment Sales Cycle

Drop-Shipment Sales Cycle

This step-by-step guide to creating drop shipments in Dynamic 365 Business Central.

Drop shipment: The process of purchasing the item from the vendor and directly getting that item shipped to the customer is known as “drop shipment.”

The actions that must be taken for drop shipping are as follows:

      1. To create a sales quote
      2. Create a Sales Order
      3. Create a Purchase Order
      4. To develop sales order postings
      5. Invoice for Purchase Order

Drop shipping is broken down into three steps: establishing a sales side order, then a purchase order for the vendor, and finally, after the items have been shipped, posting the sales and purchase orders.

In this blog, we will just concentrate on the drop-shipping sales cycle, which entails generating a sales order for the customer after receiving approval for the sales quote.

  • To create a sales quote.

I will use a “CRONUS IN” demo company for this blog inside Dynamics 365 Business Central. Due to page personalization, the information and the page layout may vary.

Starting by creating a new sales quote for the customer

    1. Go to the “Tell Meicon and search for “Sales Quote.”
    2. Select the Sales Quotes List page, and a listing page of all the active sales quotes will open up.   You might not have active sales quotes, so you will see an empty list.
    3. Click on the “New” icon to create a new sales quote.


      4.A blank sales quote card will be created.

        5.In this card, the mandatory field is “customer name.”

Click on the three dots to get a list of customers.

For your business, the customer list will be different. Select the client for whom the quote is being prepared, then press the OK button.

        6.The card will immediately be filled in with all the essential customer-related data. The customer’s desired goods must now be added to the Lines FastTab.

      • Choose the product or transaction type for the customer in the Type field.
      • The item’s number must be entered in the No. Field. (Mandatory Field)

Only remark-type lines or catalog item lines can have the No. The area was left empty.

       7.You can search for the item that you require. To view the list of things, choose the “No.” column. 

Find the item by expanding the list.

TIP: If you want to search for a value inside a particular column, select the down arrow button of that column, and a drop-down menu will appear, providing you with a filter option.

After selecting the filter option, a dialogue window appears where you may type in the item you want to find and then click “OK.”

Searching for the item is quicker if you have a lot of data because when you perform a conventional search operation, all the row and column data is searched for that specific value.


       8.Select the item, then move on to the next step.

       9.Now, choose the quantity of the item (a mandatory field)

If a price list has been added to Business Central, the price will be calculated based on the amount entered. If not, you will need to enter the item’s unit price manually.

       10.Depending on your needs, more information can be entered using the FastTab as shown in the image, such as invoice details, shipping and payment details, etc.


The consumer can then receive this sales quote through email or by receiving a hard copy that has been printed off.

Go to the Print/Send option and choose the method you want to opt for.

Once the customer has confirmed the quote, you can move on to the next step of creating a sales order.


To Create a Sales Order from a Sales Quote

  1. A sale order can be made directly from the Sales Quote Card by clicking on the Process and then the “Make Order” option. First, you must open the quote you want to convert to a sales order. You can find your sales quote on the sales quote list page.

All the necessary information will be directly copied from the sales quote to the sales order card.

If one did not make a sale quote first and got the order directly from the customer, then you can simply search for “Sales Order” in the tell-me option and create a new sales order. In this method, you must manually type the necessary details, as done in the previous step of the sales quote.

        2.If the order is drop-shipped, then in the “Lines” where the item is selected, we have to tick the checkbox inside the “Drop Shipment” Column.

If the Drop Shipment column is not visible, go to Settings (from the sales order card only).

Then select Personalise and then the Lines Area.

After selecting lines, choose fields to add new fields. Now directly search for the required field, then drag it to where you want.

       3.Using the corresponding fast tab, you can now fill in the further required fields, such as shipping address and invoice details.

After entering all the necessary information for the sales order, you may construct the vendor’s purchase order, which will be covered in the following blog.

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Drop-Shipment Sales Cycle
The process of purchasing the item from the vendor and directly getting that item shipped to the customer is known as a drop shipment.
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