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How we came up with the idea:

In Salesforce, there are different types of object relationships to the established relationships between two objects. A master-detail and look-up relationship that is established between parent and child objects. There are some limitations in these two relationships i.e only limited number of relationship fields available on single object and child records present on parent object records related list and We can create child object record through parent but cannot create many records at the same time, To overcome this limitation Dynamic application idea comes to mind.

What problem it will solve:

There are many benefits to launching the Dynamic App. In these two relationships, we have to create only one child object record at a time, for creating multiple child object records will be time-consuming. To overcome this limitation Dynamic application has launched. Using Dynamic Application we can create multiple child object records at a time. It is most useful in the parent-child relationship for reducing time-consuming tasks. Due to Dynamic Application apex processor time will be reduced, which enhances the speed of inserting and fetching the child object record.

Why should you download and try it: 

 We download the Dynamic app and try to reduce our extra efforts to create multiple records. This is a more time-consuming task in these two  relationships, but due to the Dynamic App, it was easier and speedily creating multiple records at a time. It was a very effective application to reduce apex processor time because of this many more tasks will be performed simultaneously and also users have their time to do other useful tasks. Because of the benefits of the Dynamic application, we should download it and try it.

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Introduction of the dynamic app and Know what problems could be solved for you through the Salesforce cloud platform and the type of object relationships to established relationships.
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BugendaiTech Pvt Ltd
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