Dynamic Forms And Actions

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Let’s have a look at Latest feature of the Winter Release.

Dynamic Action & Forms was released at Summer’20 Release , which was a beta version. But now in Winter’21 Release , they are generally Available for custom objects and it’s still beta for standard objects.

Dynamic Forms and Actions break down page layout into individual field components. Each field is treated as a component. We can make changes in individual fields. There is no need to go to page layout for customizing and  removing the fields, it all can be done from Builder itself.

They are in dynamic nature to make it easy to use.

Let’s see how to Set Dynamic Forms:

Steps of Creating Dynamic Form!

Step 1Setup > Record Page Settings > Turn On Dynamic Forms > Save

Record Page

Step 2: After Enabling Dynamic Forms, edit the Custom Object  Record page where we want to add actions.

Custom Record> Setup Icon> Edit Page

Setup Icon

Step 3: After viewing Record Detail , for Existing Pages we simply have to upgrade it. Click Upgrade Now.

Record Detail

Step 4: Once it’s all set up we are ready to add fields and Dynamic Actions in the page.

We can add  or remove fields easily, also can set to Required or Read Only Field Apart from doing it from Page Layout.

Dynamic Actions in the page

Step 5 : Click Save and Activate

Dynamic Actions

Repeat till Step 2 as mentioned above

Step 1: Dynamic Action to be Added in the Highlights Panel, When we click Highlight Panel.

We have to select the checkbox to enable the Dynamic Actions.

Highlight Panel

Step 2: After Enabling, Add Action option Displays.

Add Action

Step 3:  Add the Actions as per your Requirement and select Done.

Actions as per your Requirement

The Eye Icon shows the Visibility Rule of the Action. Earlier we used to do it by Record Types.

Visibility Rule of the Action

Now by Dynamic Action , we can set Visibility Criteria.

Step 4:  Click Save and Activate.

Dynamic Forms And Actions

Here we go, We have created a whole new Custom Record Page by Dynamic Forms and Dynamic Action .

Hope you like this Amazing Feature of Latest Release!

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Dynamic Forms And Actions
"Dynamic Forms and Actions, how do you form a dynamic form through a record page. Get all the details about how it works and how it will benefit you for better data handling.  "
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January 27, 2021

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