Easy Hotel Marketing Strategies to attract new customers

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The Hotel industry is a part of the hospitality industry that works towards providing lodging services to its customers. Hotels can be categorized according to the size, function, services, and cost they offer t their customers. 

When it comes to function, some of them include business, casino, extended stay, bed & breakfast, and more.

Coming towards a good performing hotel, only services provided by them is not enough, but great hotel marketing is equally essential for a successful hotel business. Hotel marketing strategies are one of the key ways in which hotels can reach out to potential guests and convince them why they should visit them.

Hotel Marketing Strategy

The importance of having the right hotel marketing is quite difficult to overstate. It plays an integral part in launching a hotel, optimizing the number of bookings, maintaining the service quality and reputation as well. Some of the easy Hotel Marketing strategies are: – 

Focusing more on Local Market

Focusing on the local market may mean highlighting facilities like your restaurant, gym, or meeting rooms and it could also involve promoting one of your hotel rooms as a temporary office, which can be ideal for those working remotely. Some hotels are also targeting local markets with things like food delivery. A hotel marketing strategy that can be extremely effective here involves turning food delivery into an experience. 

Analyzing the Data

One of the best marketing strategies, Using tools like Google Analytics helps in studying the information to understand which demographics are most interested in traveling to your hotel or most willing to do so.

Make a Great Website

Having a user-friendly & mobile-friendly website gives you an edge over your competitors. No matter which hotel website directed a potential customer to your website, this is the place where people can have a visual of your property and can get a glimpse of the variety of services you provide. 

Post on Social Media

Post on social media about the ratings and shoutouts. Conduct events based on different events and festivals and publish them on social media in order to gain more followers and engagement. Introduce some discount coupons and offers and market them on your social media handles.

Global Distribution System

A GDS system is a network that enables automated transactions between travel service providers ( airlines, car rentals, etc) and travel agencies.

Build Trust

One of the ways to secure new customers is to get your hotel listed with local tourist offices. Having a prominent link on a local travel website surely helps you in having the upper hand on your rival hotels.
Hotel marketing can be a crucial task according to the different situations. For instance, due to the COVID spread, the hospitality industry had a really hard time due to the extensive lockdown implemented by the government, but as states have finally started opening, the industry is about to witness great competition, for that old marketing strategies are required to be updated.
One can include these strategies in the times of COVID in order to market better: – 

Highlighting the safety measures are taken by them and an effective Guest Communication

In terms of responding to the threat of coronavirus, the single biggest marketing message that hotels need to get across is that safety and hygiene measures are appropriate. Assuring a safe and hassle-free stay to the guest should be communicated through the marketing campaign.

Let Potential Guests experience your Hotel from their home

After the COVID crisis, people have started taking extra precautions before moving out from their homes, hence it is quite necessary for the hotel to come up with virtual reality tours so that people can give them a glimpse of the services and the other amenities they provide.

Provide value and flexible Policies

With people being more reluctant to stay in hotels during the pandemic, it is more important than ever to highlight your USPs, Hence providing the customers with flexible policies helps in getting more attention from the masses.

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September 23, 2021

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