Employee Recognition and Appreciation in a Remote Setup

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Employee Recognition and Appreciation programs are important to organizations because they have the power to impact many aspects of a business including engagement, turnover, productivity, morale and purpose. Recognition is about giving positive feedback on performance. Appreciation on the other hand is a fundamental human need. It’s not about the person’s achievements, but their worth as a colleague and human being. Employees respond to both, recognition and appreciation of their work because it builds a sense of security and confirms that their work is valued by others. 

The single most important lesson I learnt in 25 years talking every single day to people was that there is a common denominator in our human experience. The common denominator that I found in every single interview is we want to be validated. We want to be understood. I’ve done over 35,000 interviews in my career. And, as soon as the camera shuts off, everyone turns to me inevitably, and in their own way, asks this question: “Was that Okay?” I’ve heard it from President Bush, from President Obama. I’ve heard it from heroes and from housewives. I’ve heard it from victims and perpetrators of crimes. I’ve even heard it from Beyonce in all of her Beyonce-ness… We all want to know one thing… “Was that Okay?” “Did you hear me?” Do you see me? “Did what I say mean anything to you?” – Oprah Winfrey, Harvard Business Review.

BugendaiTech is an organization that values participation and connection, but promotes worker independence and autonomy from the traditional workplace setting. At BugendaiTech, we believe recognition and appreciation is key to boosting morale and collaboration amongst employees. Employees not only want good pay and benefits, they also want to be treated fairly, make substantial contributions to the company, and be valued and appreciated for their efforts.

Recognition and rewards shouldn’t be an afterthought. It is one of the central responsibilities of managers who are responsible for ensuring employee dedication, loyalty and engagement. While you might not be able to do a traditional on-site gathering in a remote setup, you can still take some time to recognize your team. 

Here are a few simple and creative ideas remote companies can use to inspire and motivate their employees.

Cheers From Peers and Virtual Award Ceremonies

Companies need to make sure their employees are recognized and rewarded consistently via zoom, skype and other social media and instant messaging platforms. BugendaiTech does virtual shout-outs on instant messaging and social media platforms to show ongoing support and appreciation in real time, recognizing employees who go above and beyond and embody the spirit and mission of our company. Virtual award ceremonies are another great way companies can show recognition. Managers can nominate employees for an award, by sending out requests to their work-force to submit their votes. You could put out a list of reasons why the employee has won the award, and make sure to read comments left by others during the voting process. To make it extra special, highlight the employee on the company’s website. This helps boost team morale.

Virtual Happy Hours And Game Nights

One easy way of showing employee appreciation is by organising virtual happy hours. At BugendaiTech we have monthly virtual meet and greet sessions that include fun games to make new hires feel welcome and foster team collaboration and communication amongst employees. 

Celebrations and Gift Baskets

What is the best way to say “We appreciate you”? Whether it’s a new baby welcome basket for employees, or a simple birthday wish, at BugendaiTech we love showering our appreciation in a manner that is unique to each employee. 

Weekday cooking can be a struggle and very exhausting for working parents. Families run out of creative recipes for cooking every night. Gift certificates for food delivery apps and local restaurants is another great way companies can show their appreciation to their hard working employees. 

Go Public With Your Appreciation

Appreciation on a social media platform, (such as a LinkedIn recommendation) is one of the simplest ideas that takes only a few minutes, but has a huge impact on your employees’ professional growth. This not only shows that the company cares, but is also a great public platform to showcase your employees’ skills and dedication to their job.  

Virtual Wellness Program

A virtual wellness program demonstrates that employers are invested in their employees’ health and wellness. Your wellness program can have a reward system built in where employees can earn points for reaching specific goals, which can be exchanged for items and experiences. This provides something for everyone, and encourages employees to stay healthy while working remotely.

Encourage Continuing Education

Training is one of the most important factors in engaging employees. Learning new skills makes employees feel that their career is cared for and valued. The BugendaiTech leadership fosters an environment of growth and success for all employees. Learning and education are built into the work environment with programs that help new hires and existing employees develop and expand their skills and job performance.

In summary, employees are a company’s most precious asset. The everyday employee experience is a key driver of engagement. Engaged and motivated employees are beneficial to an organization because they are connected and committed to the company, and are willing to go above and beyond their role.

There are endless approaches to set employee recognition in the work environment in motion; in any case, everything starts with organization culture. A triumphant employee recognition program begins with having an organization culture that advocates appreciation for top performers. This can be the establishment for strong staff commitment, nonstop representative turn of events, and a retention strategy for the future.

BugendaiTech sees the responsibility of its employees with its innovative employee acknowledgment programs, develops trust and develops strong associations among delegates. It is this kind of consistent flow and variety of recognition that keeps employees engaged. We always appreciate our employees by setting aside the effort to say, “I see you and I appreciate you,” and your association’s primary concern will profit as a result of it. Our HR group comprehends employee acknowledgment quantifiably and decidedly impacts engagement. And in return, helps us with increased productivity, customer loyalty, sales, and profits.

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