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Keeping prospects engaged in is a difficult task. You need to know your crowd, send targeted messages at the perfect time, and monitor their engagement on your business’s touch point to make better informed decisions. Engagement Studio is Pardot’s incredible supporting apparatus intended to assemble robust, mechanized, automated programs that meet your constituents with each progression in their excursion

Use Pardot for Marketing Automation to Nurture Potential Leads.

Nurturing is all about engagement and brand promotion ie. showing the targeted people what they want to see through successful customer lifecycles. Such campaigns are meant to interact with prospects using emails, ad campaigns etc personalised for their specific needs. It’s about peaking their interest and providing them with a solution they never knew they needed, to begin with. This establishes a groundwork for long term customer relationships and escalated ROI.

Nurturing Existing Clients

Demonstrate your existing clients by showing them your company cares about their needs and interests by demonstrating a proactive approach to solidify your relationship. Tailor communications at every stage of their customer journey by providing valuable information and authentic content to continue reaping the benefits of your partnership. 

Promoting Events

Leverage Engagement Studios to automatically update recipients’ status. Set criterias and monitor actions taken by recipients to check if a specific link has been clicked or a form has been submitted and use that data to update the status of the individual member in the campaign.

Nurture employees with Pardot’s Engagement Studio

Right from Employee Onboarding, to internal communication and analyzing the success of training, the Engagement studio “nurtures” employees as they build their understanding. Leverage Engagement studio to schedule communications like paperwork requests, setting automated task reminders for managers and HR, Information on Employee perks and so much more.

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