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React Native and Flutter both frameworks are cross-platform for web development that enable developers to create mobile apps that run smoothly on both IOS and Android. 

React is for IOS,  Android, Web, and UWP. It allows the developers to use various functionalities by integrating desired features seamlessly. It provides essential elements to develop an app, UI rendering capabilities, etc

Flutter is for software development, mobile, desktop, and various web platforms and in some cases, it uses third-party libraries. It is similar to react-native and relies on Dart

Dart takes after both JavaScript and Java in syntax, making it easy to learn for developers who have some experience with JS, as well as C# and other object-oriented languages.

Pros and Cons of Using Both

React Native requires a source code execution called bridge from the JavaScript code to the device’s native environment. This bridge allows these two environments to communicate and exchange data. 

When we talk about Flutter whose programming language is Dart which can access the native features of the mobile device directly without any additional interlayers. Though it compiles quicker and consumes fewer resources.

For the UI, Both React Native and Flutter have the best Features, Although they utilize completely different approaches to represent UI.

For Native Appearance, Flutter Works Without the Use of additional APIs Although the framework does all the work to connect the divide between device and codebase.

React Native stylesheet is a more dynamic Flexible API for 2D Animations. 

If you have an established business with a decent amount of customers and money and a mobile app is not a primary product, choose React Native, as it helps market apps significantly quicker.

Flutter is a good choice for early-stage startups to build an attractive app with minimum functions on a small budget, and then scale.

Developers Choice/ Love ! ?

Most of the developers chose native apps that are generally faster and more responsive than hybrid ones, like Flutter or React Native, which Especially require less development time and resources.

According to the survey of Stack Overflow of 65,000+ developers, Flutter has taken Third Place among the most loved frameworks. And React Native is Only in 10th Place.

Both are in the top 4 most Wanted frameworks for Software developers and are helping to do their jobs Quicker and In more convenient ways.

Although React Native has larger community support than flutter. but it is being acknowledged globally for now.

For Geolocation and Mapping Flutter has a collection of official plugins made by the flutter team. 

React Native works well with one-time location tracking, however, some issues could arise with continuous tracking that could be solved by writing some parts in the native devices’ programming languages.

For Security purposes, both technologies are highly secured for mobile apps to Copley with regulations like HIPAA.

Having additional adoption efforts separately for both IOS and Android makes it vulnerable to any changes caused by firmware and luckily it is not happening often.

To tackle the issue of crashes of the app In React Native. developers have to contact all OS updates early and perform QA tests to update the app accordingly.

Flutter new versions have many backward compatibilities and When it comes to fixing the bugs Flutter provides tools for Quality Assurance testing that allows developers to see how their input directly influences.

If we see the reviews of React Native Against Flutter By the latest survey then you will notice:

React Native Against Flutter

React Native is much easier to learn as developers with having some knowledge of JavaScript. Dart is harder to understand. Spending more time on learning Dart can increase the popularity of the Flutter.

The React Native Vs Flutter future is hard to predict. But both React Native and Flutter have their pros and cons. React Native might be the base of preexisting apps, but Flutter has taken over the developer community and has been increasingly gaining popularity since its inception.

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