Financial Services Cloud for Wealth Management

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Financial Services Cloud for Wealth Management

The Accenture study says that in the coming 30-40 years, over $30 trillion in financial and non-financial assets will pass from one generation to another and this millennial generation loves to interact with their smart devices. This sums up a lot of data and information in a cluttered way. To be ready with this opportunity and change, the world’s #1 CRM platform- Salesforce will help you catch up with the more personalized, trustful, and intuitive way of handling customers.

We have leveraged the power of the Finance cloud with Machine Learning and AI for some of our esteemed clients like All Fundy, a lending company that helps borrowers secure the best funding options for their needs.

Salesforce’s Financial Service Cloud is based on the Lightning Experience which brings a whole new user experience for the user. The custom-made objects, permission sets, and user interfaces for wealth management make the productivity of the employee better. Advisors spend less time gathering client data and information. Instead of that, they focus more time doing what they do best, such as providing holistic, goal-based advice that puts their clients at the center of everything they do. In nutshell, Salesforce for financial services cloud assists advisors to deliver a service with the personalized engagement, proactive actions the client expects. And ultimately you see your top of the line moving.

What’s holding advisors back?

Advisors find it difficult to focus on the entire family wealth ecosystem within one business book which results in loss of opportunity and unsatisfied customer experience. Some fintech companies have understood this and are coming up with innovative products which results in better satisfaction to the customer. The agents and advisors require the proper technology to stand out with personalized advice which exceeds the customer expectations across the household ecosystem.

Personalize client relationships at scale.

Financial Services Cloud provides a 360-degree view of the client and household, integrated with accurate analytics tools for every advisor. All sizes of firms can accelerate their teams with the technology needed to deliver smart, tailor made, and dynamic advice across the entire family wealth ecosystem.

Advisors manage many clients at the same time, and they struggle to provide customized advice for their book of business. Without accurate technology it becomes difficult to maximize advising time and deliver the right expectation of the client. With Financial Services Cloud, advisors can individualize client relationships at a larger picture with tools that allow them to quickly view financial accounts, goals, relationship networks. No matter what the size of their book of business is, advisors will be able to get a wider picture of their clients’ needs, as well as opportunities to add further assets under management.

Work the way you want, wherever you want.

Similar to clients and financial advice, advisors require different tools and platforms to be successful in delivering better experience to the clients. Financial institutions require technology solutions which should be adaptable enough as per the requirements of multiple teams, on the other hand it should provide consistent information from remote. Alliance across advising teams and the broader organization is paramount to approach client relationships as a unified front which is fundamental to build client trust.

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Financial Services Cloud for Wealth Management
Salesforce financial service cloud brought the new lightning user experience for wealth management. This has custom-based objects, permission, and many more for better employee productivity.
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