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BugendaiTech is one of companies which enables customers to provide market-differentiating customer experiences through the different innovations of the Salesforce platform incepted with a remote working culture which can also provide solutions to CRM, CMS & Data Science under one roof. The certified professionals are spread across the globe and can cater to the region specific customer needs seamlessly.

Our partnership programs helps companies & individuals to explore opportunities across any specific region with lucrative incentives and certified resources.


  1. We give free training to underprivileged students.
  2. We donate to the underprivileged students on our employee’s birthday
  3. Out of 10, we give a free service to our one lucky client.

Our Noble and Sharings

Bugendai Love
Bugendai Love

We bugendaitech family give the free training to the underprivileged students. We also provide them hands on experience to get industry prospective, the work culture and ethics too.

BugendaiTech is built around very strong “giving back to the society” policies clubbed under the #BugendaiNoble program. If one looks closely enough the company details, vision, mission and objective reflect Salesforce’s habit of #GivingBack.
Remote company: Why a remote company? This is the most common question we get to answer. The average commute-to-work statistics that the working demography spends everyday is around 53.2 minutes in the USA whereas in India it amounts to a whooping 90 minutes. BugendaiTech adds back these hours to the lives of everyone that works here while reducing the carbon footprints as well as contributing two cents in reversing the climatic changes. It all makes sense now, doesn’t it?
Pledge1%: Being a Salesforce Partner, all the collective efforts BugendaiTech strives for make the world a better place. Our CEO and co-founder, Roushan Kumar is extremely fond of plants and says to nurture the world around us we need to invest our time, efforts and the right products (homemade, if possible). Luckily, that’s the exact Pledge1% Salesforce 1-1-1 Philanthropic Model and BugendaiTech very well relates to it.
Pro-bono Work: Every 11th project the organization works upon are pro-bono projects. Through these initiatives we intend to make our communities and stakeholders stronger in every way possible. Pro bono work adds value in terms of opportunities and experience. We are proud to have served and that we continue serving a range of communities in need of our expertise.

Birthday Bonus: Under the #BugendaiNoble program, every employee gets USD100 for charity on their birthdays. Through this initiative we get a chance to connect to local orphanages, old age homes, tree plantation programs, special schools and a lot more. As our in-house talent comes from multiple countries, we have successfully brought smiles to so many people from across the world, literally!

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