Health Cloud in Salesforce: Features, Advantages & Pricing plans

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Salesforce Health Cloud is a head patient and part relationship stage that outfits the force and security of the cloud, just as social and versatile advancements, to convey more customized commitment. Think about it as the CRM for your clinical practice and medical care benefits that gives you a total perspective on the patient, more astute patient administration, and an associated tolerant commitment experience. 

With our Salesforce Certified Heal Cloud experts:

  1. Shift to an integrated digital platform that provides a single source of truth
  2. Regular automated reporting makes better forecasting
  3. Reduced costs by 15% and can ultimately lead to a savings of approximately $150,000 per year.

With Health Cloud, care groups get the opportunity to have simple admittance to clinical and non-clinical patients and part information, for example, current ailments and prescriptions, arrangement history, correspondence inclinations, and information from the EHR and different frameworks. Your consideration groups can work wisely across whole patients and part gatherings to give quicker and savvy care. 

The safe online stage binds together patient information, encourages correspondence across channels and gadgets, and upgrades understanding connections. It empowers the utilization of triggers and work processes that make significant consideration data accessible to the two patients and suppliers on any associated gadget, driving the degree of admittance higher than ever while engaging patients to take responsibility for wellbeing objectives and care plans.

Salesforce Health Cloud Benefits

  • Improve your EHR framework

You can win the trust of patients with admittance to the perfect data at the perfect time. Wellbeing Cloud lets you open electronic wellbeing records and consolidate applications in a protected, adaptable stage that changes your arrangement of record into an arrangement of commitment.

  • Complete perspective on individuals and patients

You gain profit by having a profound comprehension of every individual’s profile including socioeconomics, interchanges, clinical and non-clinical information, EHR data, enrollment and cases frameworks, clinical gadgets, and even wearables — across the board focal area.

  • Astute and customized care

Gain accommodating experiences into persistent populaces sorted by condition or hazard, and furnish focused on outreach with Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics. You can screen cases and organize undertakings relying upon quick needs and level of significance. You’ll likewise have the option to team up over the whole consideration organization while setting updates for patient or part development.

  • Gather significant patient data

You’ll get the chance to comprehend your patients in an entirely different manner by catching customized, opportune, and noteworthy experiences the Health Cloud Assessments include. It lets you effectively assemble and send studies and evaluations, and dissect the information to settle on more intelligent consideration choices.

  • Ensure and secure patient information

On the off chance that you are a medical services supplier or life sciences organization, you can use Health Cloud and Salesforce Shield for consistency, administration, and PHI information insurance. Salesforce is noted for its powerful cloud security framework that guarantees all information in the cloud are defended through big business-grade security.

  • Associate with patients progressively

Wellbeing Cloud enables patients and individuals to access and track progress towards their wellbeing objectives. The stage lets you associate progressively from any gadget and rapidly address any inquiries from relatives and the patients or individuals themselves.

Salesforce Health Cloud Features

  • Complete patient view

To viably deal with your patients or individuals, you need their data readily available. Health Cloud pulls the most significant data from an individual’s clinical records, and shows everything to you in the Health Cloud comfort. You can see conditions, meds, and contact data without looking for it or clicking to different pages.

  • Care group profitability

Patients or individuals with a contributed group of expert and individual overseers are bound to deal with their conditions effectively. Every part assumes a significant function in keeping up the wellbeing and guaranteeing the advancement of the person.

  • Clinical data management

Clinical information that originates from EHR or other clinical frameworks is basic to the arranging, execution, and the board of composed consideration plans for patients. Clinical information can be incorporated with Salesforce utilizing a few standard APIs, to plan messages from EHR frameworks into Health Cloud articles and fields.

  • Salesforce Shield security

Salesforce Shield is a lot of security devices you can use to agree to guidelines on putting away delicate ensured wellbeing data. With Platform Encryption and Event Monitoring, you can screen utilization, forestall noxious movement, and secure information very still while permitting full usefulness.

  • Omnichannel uphold

A genuine omnichannel client assistance focus permits your clients to interface flawlessly with your care staff utilizing numerous channels. Simultaneously, your help operators have prompt admittance to a comprehensive image of the individual they’re going to help.

  • Care management

Clinical information from electronic wellbeing records (EHR) or other clinical frameworks is basic to arranging, executing, and overseeing composed consideration plans for patients. You can incorporate clinical information with Salesforce utilizing a few standard APIs to plan messages from EHR frameworks into Health Cloud articles and fields.

  • Examination and appraisals

Improve the nature of care by social event data that assists with dealing with your patients or individuals all the more effectively. Regardless of whether it’s a pre-medical procedure appraisal or a part criticism overview, you have the data you need readily available. 

Wellbeing Cloud Assessments let you make simple to-utilize structures for gathering criticism and information from your patients and individuals. You can alter questions and replies in a straightforward proofreader. You can add different kinds of inquiries to assemble the specific information you need.

  • Combination through web services API

Utilize the Health Cloud Business APIs for building incorporations with Health Cloud or for making custom UI parts. The APIs wrap complex business rationale by executing various errands inside a solitary API call. They mean to satisfy business use cases explicit to the medical services industry, for example, enlisting patients into a consideration program or making demands for earlier approvals. To utilize these APIs, you are not needed to comprehend the hidden medical services information model. The greater part of the APIs are RESTful APIs, yet a couple of are additionally accessible through Apex classes and techniques.

  1. Joint effort and correspondence
  2. Mobile support

Salesforce Health Cloud Pricing Plans

  • Free Trial (30 Days Free)

  • Health Cloud Enterprise (300 USD / User / Month*) (Billed Annually)


  • Patient health timeline
  • Patient card
  • Singular patient model
  • Patient prioritization page
  • Care group cooperation
  • Configurable patient arrangement
  • Care plan customization and the board
  • Population analytics
  • Patient lists
  • Patient segmentation filters
  • Patient and member community
  • Clinical information model
  • EHR coordination
  • HL7-consistent interface
  • EHR information objects 
  • Field audit tracking
  • Platform encryption
  • Live video talk
  • Mobile customer service
  • Live video talk
  • Real-time reports
  • Configurable dashboards


  • Health Cloud Unlimited (450 USD / User / Month*) (Billed Annually)

  • All Health Cloud Enterprise features, plus:
  • Live agent web chat
  • Additional data storage
  • Expanded sandbox environments
  • 24/7 toll-free support
  • Access to 100+ admin services
  • Unlimited online training
  • Live video chat
  • Knowledge bases
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