How to optimize wordpress website

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Website Optimization

“Website optimization” is the process of utilizing controlled experimentation to systematically improve a website’s ability to reach business goals.

It includes all the technical and marketing techniques used to obtain traffic, engage visitors and then transform them into prospects using clearly defined methods which converge in attaining all the pre-defined goals.

Website optimization often referred to as CONVERSION RATE OPTIMIZATION(CRO).CRO is the method of using analytics and user feedback to improve the performance of your website. 

Whether your objective is to get more leads, sales, or reduce customer service phone calls, website optimization can be utilized to make your site more productive at meeting those goals.

 A truly well-structured website is optimized so it demands as lesser resources as possible of its host server. This helps your website load quickly for visitors even if there is sudden increases in traffic and can even help with SEO!

The basics of website optimization includes three-step approach

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a digital marketing discipline that encloses sub-activities which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Where keywords in the website plays vital role.

SEO is based on 3 fundamentals:

i. Website Content

ii. On-page Optimization

iii. Off-site SEO

2. Optimizing Technical Performance:

Technical performance is the driver of your site, it relies upon the mastery with which visitors will have the option to visit and have interaction with the webpage: therefore it is a pivotal part of website optimization.

i. Optimizing Site Speed

ii. Responsiveness on mobile and tablets

iii. Webpage errors and hosting performance

3. Optimizing conversion and user experience

 It covers everything to provide for visitors to your site a better browsing and interaction experience, this is a crucial aspect for any ecommerce website.

Optimizing conversion and user experience

4. Tailoring Website Copy to Drive Conversion

The words on the website are the most important factor of any website.

Images, design, usability, and page speed are all key factors, but words control your message. And, while words are the easy thing to change, they can also be the most powerful. 

Why is Website Optimization Important?

  • By becoming skilled at Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you will generate targeted traffic from interested buyers.
  • By knowing Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), you maximize the number of leads and sales you generate from paid and organic traffic

How does website optimization work?

The first step of website optimization is to recognise friction areas and understanding of breakages in the conversion funnel.

 It would be best practice to compare the existing website version with the best version you can deliver to the customers. That’s the foundation of any good optimization process

Considering the focus area of WordPress website performance optimization plugins, website performance is basically the first thing a random user faces when visiting your web project, next comes the UI. Website performance is basically depends on multiple things like server resources, plugin performance, theme optimization and many more

When all these factors are perfectly balanced your website can be pompously called a top performance one.

WordPress Features:

  • SEO 
  • Speed
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Media file library
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Custom menus
  • Built-in blog

Note: As indicated by utilization insights of substance the board frameworks currently report that WordPress controls more than 60 million sites, or 36% of all sites on the web and over 60% of all sites whose content administration frameworks are known.

There are multiple plugins being used to enhance the customer experience and manoeuvre the website performance. Some of the plugins described are as stated

1. WP Rocket

WP Rocket is known to be the best presentation improvement module out there. The module can do following things:

  • minify CSS, HTML and Javascript;
  • manage page caching;
  • manage cache preload;
  • add image lazy loading;
  • add advanced caching rules;
  • optimize database;
  • integrate CDN;
  • integrate Cloudflare;
  • integrate Google Analytics;
  • import and export all settings;
  • initiate version rollback

Ordinarily you should introduce at any rate two modules to have every one of these highlights, the main thing is there’s no free form, for the most affordable permit you should pay $49 it permits utilizing modules on one site.

2. Autoptimize:

Autoptimize makes upgrading your site truly simple. It can total, minify and reserve contents and styles, infuses CSS in the page head naturally yet can likewise inline basic CSS and concede the amassed full CSS, moves and allows contents to the footer and minifies HTML. You can improve and sluggish burden, streamline Google Fonts, async non-amassed JavaScript, eliminate WordPress centre emoticon cruft and the sky’s the limit from there.

In the event that you consider execution significant, you definitely should utilize one of the many storing modules to do page reserving. Some great possibilities to supplement Autoptimize that way are for example Speed Booster pack, WP Super Cache or in the event that you use Cloudflare WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache.

3. Pagespeed Ninja:

PageSpeed Ninja is a definitive WordPress execution module. You can make your site load quicker on the work area and versatile, fixing Google PageSpeed Insights issues with a single tick.


We’ve been enhancing web on portable for longer than 02 years at this point (you may know one of our famous ventures, Lazy Load XT on Github). PageSpeed Ninja for WordPress is the consequence of 10+ long stretches of involvement with streamlining the presentation of more than 200 000 sites on portable. We trust you won’t locate a comparative, simple to utilize, across the board bundle of execution boosting highlights anyplace else.

We’ve assembled stores of remarkable highlights to ensure your site stacks very quickly, similar to the over the-overlap basic CSS age strategy, not found in some other modules.

One can use the below mentioned website to view web performance:

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How to optimize wordpress website
"Website optimization" is the practice of systematically enhancing a website's capacity to achieve business objectives through controlled experimentation. For website optimization, approaches and features have been provided in this blog.
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