Indian winning : Lesson learnt hard way

Indian winning Lesson learnt hard way

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An enthusiastic Indian side battled astoundingly well to win the last fourth Test in Brisbane and secure the Border-Gavaskar Trophy at the Gabba. Day 5, as Shubham Gill, the debutant, began with a hypnotizing 91-run thump before Pujara and Pant took the middle stage. While Pujara scored 56, Pant ended with an unbeaten 89 as he assisted India with fixing the Test arrangement 2-1.

In the pursuit of 328 runs in their second innings on a stunt pitch, Indian batsmen ventured up and conveyed in style as Australia were shocked in their own patio once again. The three-wicket win is additionally India’s maiden triumph against Australia in Brisbane. India’s best outcome at The Gabba before Tuesday was a draw under the captaincy of current BCCI president Sourav Ganguly in 2003.

 Despite missing a large group of key players and Virat Kohli missing the last three Tests, India battled through all the chances and content history. In the wake of losing the primary Test in Adelaide by eight wickets, India dominated the subsequent game, drew the following one, and won the arrangement to demonstrate why they are perhaps the best side on the planet as of now. 

 Cricket today is characterized by proficient preparing, precise dynamic, and exciting survey — all due to technology. Technology has consistently come into this game that includes the eventual fate of individual players, groups and the game itself, it has become an instrument to get the best out of the players. Out of numerous perspectives that we might want to feature, few are enlisted: 

 Competition management:

It helps in eliminating the inclination of planning home and away matches. Cricket is driven by insights and the work of the scorer has become a pleasant exercise. Electronic scoring implies the score sheet can’t be controlled. 


From unaided eye instructing, presently information driven and visual preparing has been invited all finished. Sensors set in the bat give a sign of the ball hitting the centre of the bat and the edges. 

 Precision in umpiring: 

Hawk-Eye innovation helps in following the ball. The third umpire will utilize this tech and the exact contribution map helps taking a close amazing choice. Camera work from various points permits brief scrutiny of the ball. 


There are 34 cameras on the field to catch each snapshot of the game, upgrading the watching experience. The new India-Australia coordinates saw telecasters utilizing some wonderful points to make cricket-watching an exciting encounter.

To the Indian Cricket Team: confidence, boldness, conviction, coarseness, character, soul – with regards to the cricket made the best crossroads in India’s Test history, you have given a magnificent hurrah to the most epic, the most layered, type of game known to us.

 For subcontinental groups, Australia, with its hard pitches, enormous grounds, tall and strong quick bowlers, and the quality of terrorizing noticeable all around, is the hardest land. Furthermore, nothing enhances the Australianness of Australian cricket as much as the Gabba, where the pitch, not yet a drop-in, yields bounce and development, and where the cracks protract as the match wears on, causing the quick bowlers to feel considerably deadlier: where Australia had not lost a Test since 1988, and where India have always lost one.

 Test cricket is life itself: not exclusively is it a round of the most elevated expertise, it is additionally a long-term hardship and flexibility, persistence and fortitude. There is the work, many more than one ball, a great many meetings, for quite a while. You can float on the waves just on the off chance that you have the heart to face the hardships. There is tragedy and there is redemption: Test cricket consistently allows you another opportunity.

As avid supporters and essayists we can generally see ourselves as blessed in the event that we can watch and write on one energizing story in an arrangement. That this arrangement between these two furious adversaries came down to the last hour of the last day of the last Test would have been sufficient. In any case, the new Indian team left us memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

Despite the fact that the words “unbelievable”, “incomprehensible” and “heavenly” more than once discovered referenced during the match, nonetheless, a convincing explanation as shown by the Indian Cricket Team can be summarized as “Experience is all about learning and not just playing.”

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Indian winning : Lesson learnt hard way
Indian winning: Lesson learnt hard way, we are a country of cricket enthusiasts, but the game gives us life lessons too. Give the blog a read, know-how.
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January 20, 2021

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