Introduction to Google Data Studio

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GDS (google data studio) is free dashboarding software that helps you easily connect your sources, update your sources and generate meaningful reports, with this tool one can simply connect different data sources such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, etc and also update the data reports when refreshed.

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GDS provides us the facility to bring all different data sources over one platform and track all the data in one place. Its UI is also very simple to use. We just have to simply drag and drop the desired chart from the desired data, so that the required visualisation will be created with ease. If we are required to combine two or more different fields from different data sources, GDS provides us the facility to blend the data with the required fields and also create the visualisations from the derived fields.

Millions of people from the small organisations, governments, enterprises sector, etc used Google data studio to generate insights regarding their business and make data-driven decisions. Over the last year, many companies used GDS to monitor the ads’ performance, track campaign performance, and build machine learning models.

GDS also possesses the facility to turn charts into filters using chart interaction controls; above all, it has cross-chart interactions and drill-downs. GDS has also brought a BI engine in collaboration with the Google cloud bigquery team to bring sub-second performance to, BI-engine is an in-memory analysis service that integrates with your BIg Query to return blazingly fast results to the data studio.

GDS is essentially a streamlined version of data visualisation tools like Tableau and Clickview, but you don’t have the access to quite many features and coding capabilities even if it is famous as it is quite simple to use due to its user-friendly UI and it is free of cost. One should always consider adding GDS to their marketing campaign as :

  • It’s free and it is very hard to beat that.
  • It combines data from different sources providing a more accurate view of data.
  • You can easily design charts, visuals, and reports to help understand others quite easily about your data.

Users can also customise reports as per their requirements. GDS has also many built-in templates for reports as well as dashboards one can also make use of. One can also share their reports or dashboards with different people having the right control in their hand only what that person can do with your report. You can provide them viewer access or editor access; it’s totally up to the user.

In short Google data studio is a tool that can aggregate all of your tracking data in one place then synthesise them into customised data reports that you can share with clients and colleagues. There is a bit of a learning curve with Google data studio, but it is worth spending a few hours to get familiar with the ease of using this data visualisation tool.

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Introduction to Google Data Studio
This blog talks about Google data studio- GDS. Google data studio is free dashboarding software that combined data from various sources that is helpful in designing related charts, reports, visuals, etc.
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February 4, 2022

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