Keeping The Remote Team Engaged

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A few years ago, working from home was a distant dream. Today the pandemic has forced companies to break free from the traditional work setup and embrace telecommuting. Millennials have also been the driving force behind this shift in the workforce and redesigned the way work is done.

While having a decentralized workforce sounds exciting, it is imperative to keep them engaged. The question is “how.” How do we create happy, efficient, and stress-free respondents in our remote employees? How can we ensure they are loyal, driven and productive to deliver time and again?

Here we have listed the top practices which we have apoted for keeping our remote workforce engaged.

Create a culture of Collectedness

Creating a culture of connectedness means acknowledging the fact that employees are more than mere workers. They are individuals with unique backgrounds, interests and ideas. Employees perceive acceptance within a group when they believe that the organization cares for them as individuals. BugendaiTech achieves this, by striving to create a workplace culture in which each employee is noticed and valued for what they bring to the table by providing equal opportunities, strong workplace support and trust.

Appreciate and acknowledge  contributions

Employee recognition reinforces favourable behaviors and activities propelling positive business outcomes. A small appreciation note in the form of a “Thank You” goes a long way.
For example, in BugendaiTech we do it right, having a formal and robust Employee of the Month  in place motivates employees and promotes a culture of public praise, excellence awards and recognition.

Improve communication within the organization

Communication can be enhanced when there are multiple ways to communicate, such as with video, with instant messaging, and of course email connectivity. Setting up periodic virtual meetings and gatherings are important for ensuring everybody in the organization is on the same page. Encourage your employees to send in daily task lists and update the line managers about the progress for the day. This ensures a consistent workflow in the organization, avoids conflicts thus ensuring all tasks are attended to.

At our organization, we schedule calls with the team every day in order to have a run-through with the team about the tasks. These calls can be something as little as a five-minute run through to a half an hour-long session to set the tune for the upcoming day.

Encourage efficient collaboration

Team collaboration encourages productivity. Employee engagement is a great way to promote company culture that remote employees can often not experience. Add some fun to it by hosting virtual competitions and share fun company moments on a common platform.

These small ways are crucial ways to engage everyone and get them to connect on topics other than work!

Encourage peer to peer feedback

Peer feedback is a great way to get the employees to understand the work of their peers along with their own. Positive feedback and constructive criticism is a great and structured way for individuals to develop their strengths and work on their shortcomings. 

Who better give a unique perspective into your professional performance than people you work closely with? We at BugendaiTech take pride in encouraging coworkers who work with each other on a day to day basis to give each other that inspiration to develop and build each other’s strengths and work on their developmental areas. This practice is important and encourages the workforce to interact with each other on a daily basis.

Master Both Synchronous and Asynchronous Communications

Managers of remote teams should thoroughly consider different alternatives for online correspondence to amplify engagement. Synchronous correspondence alludes to ongoing data trade that models eye to eye connection. It takes into consideration moment reactions and prompt responses to pings, for example, a call or different online courier tools.

Asynchronous correspondence, then again, doesn’t have a similar assumption for a brisk turnaround answer—for instance, email or profitability tracker tools. Asynchronous correspondence considers a more engaged, continuous work process, yet a harmony between the two sorts of interfacing is the thing that truly advances representative commitment. 

Offer Benefits Based on Your Employees Needs

Another way we emphasize to promote engagement within our remote teams is by ensuring that employees are happy with their specific benefits package. Offering standard benefits is critical.  Being attentive to what your employees communicate is also vital to ensure that your company’s benefits are relevant for them. 

Invest in Employee Engagement and Team-Building Tools

When everyone is working virtually, building a culture becomes harder. We say this as an experienced startup with a complete remote work culture.

“The organisation must be able to virtualize the typical water-cooler chats.”

At BugendaiTech we try to stimulate people to interact with each other and possibly find out funny or interesting things about their teammates through team bonding exercises and by conducting Townhall sessions every once in a month.

BugendaiTech is proud about embracing these values and encouraging a positive culture in our remote organization and are continuously working towards building a strong relationship with and among all the employees

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Keeping The Remote Team Engaged
If your business had adopted the remote work culture, here you can know the dos and don'ts of keeping the remote team engaged. As remote culture is comparatively a new concept engagement of the remote team is necessary.
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January 27, 2021

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