Leveraging 5G in Education System

Leveraging 5G in Education System

5G, the next-generation cellular technology, aims to build a “connected planet” with unlimited access to information and data for anyone, anywhere, anytime. 5G is expected to deliver orders-of-magnitude improvements in the areas of latency, energy efficiency, terminal location accuracy, reliability and availability, future invisible application flexibility, and the perception of “infinite” capacity. 

The use of shared CBRS spectrum on the 3.5 GHz frequency band makes private LTE/5G networks attractive to many industries, including the education industry. A cost-effective network that helps meet the demand for higher speeds with higher bandwidth, reliable and well-defined security, not only indoors in schools but also in remote outdoor locations not covered by Wi-Fi networks. Provides coverage and facilitates learning from home for students who are located remotely during COVID.

How is 5G for education helping students in their learning process?

Education is essential and should never be compromised, especially in a situation like the COVID-19 crisis, when suddenly strict stay-at-home restrictions are imposed. Educators have recognized the need for technologies like 5G that can help students in an engaging way to study full-time, even when they are at home rather than at school. 

The mobile network operator (MNO) has always been at the forefront of the 5G network testing, deployment, and commercialization of 5G services to meet the needs of high-end 5G applications for the education industry. To enable distance learning, schools are deploying private 5G/LTE networks that serve on-site and off-site network access purposes. 

1.Private network leads to numerous use cases deployed in schools and other educational institutions.

BRS’s private network, built on the 3.5GHz band, empowers the education sector with an uncompromising LTE and 5G network for educational buildings and campuses. In these times of unprecedented challenges like COVID-19, schools are using this technology to continue teaching and create a more personalised and interactive learning experience for both students and teachers.

Some of the use cases of 5G private networks are:

      • Expanding Wireless Coverage – High-speed wireless network services can be used to connect the best faculty and students across the campus and get the desired knowledge from them.
      • Monitoring Campus Traffic – With private networks installed on school buses, students can be tracked, allowing data to be transmitted wirelessly from remote sources with telemetry, allowing them to study while on the bus. On the other hand, students can also track their school bus where and when it will arrive.

Private 5G network architecture in schools

Private 5G network architecture in schools

2.AR/VR applications enable immersive learning.

The demand for video mixed reality (MR) content (merging the real and virtual worlds to create new environments) constantly increases and requires low latency and high bandwidth to function optimally. The problem with previous networks, such as 4G, was their inability to sustain the traffic needed to deliver AR/VR (augmented/virtual reality) experiences to users. But when it comes to 5G, traditional communication technologies fall short when it comes to providing consumers with a seamless and innovative experience.

3.Higher education recruitment strategies via online technologies.

It is common to attract students with higher education recruitment tactics, followed by most institutions. But after the coronavirus disease and all shutdowns, educational institutions had no choice but to use remote network access like private LTE networks they could connect to. This allows students to recruit online and enter higher education. For example, we motivate students to apply on our admissions website, self-enroll in recruitment activities, organize teleconsultation programs, and regularly coordinate ongoing scheduled recruitment calls.

4.Internet of Things (IoT) saves teachers’ time with smarter 5G classrooms.

Setting up devices and gathering feedback from students always takes time. We are currently deploying private 5G networks using IoT. 5G in schools will become popular among educators. When all devices are connected to the Internet of Things, teachers will be automatically logged in as soon as they enter the classroom, Automate administrative tasks, and receive student feedback digitally. 

5.Video downloads is just a matter of seconds

The modern generation in today’s world, Generation Z, is obsessed with watching videos, but not when you have a platform like YouTube that offers multiple instructional videos for learning and knowledge acquisition. Furthermore, as quoted by NBC News, high-definition (HD) video downloads take an hour on 4G LTE networks and can easily be downloaded within seconds on 5G networks.

6.Students with special needs are assigned, full-time assistants.

Teachers need to care for students with special needs more often. You may need full-time support to interact with them. 5G is also being implemented in robotic applications, which can be very helpful in solving problems like these. These robots can act as full-time assistants and instantly respond to and support teachers.


5G is transforming the education industry as educators adopt new learning models to teach their students. On their journey to the digital invention, educational institutions have become smarter with improved connectivity and data security. Over the next few years, advanced versions of these CBRS-enabled devices, AR/VR, IoT applications, recording, and security services will be deployed in sophisticated ways, deploying 100x faster than current technology and enabling immersive online.

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Leveraging 5G in Education System
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