Leveraging Salesforce’s NonProfit Success Pack for building long term relationships

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What is the NonProfit Cloud?

Salesforce’s NonProfit Marketing Cloud is an integrated technology supporting the imperative shift to digital management by helping establish and maintain trusted and long-lasting relationships in changing times. Today, nonprofit marketing goes far beyond fundraising and technology is paving the way for nonprofits to adapt new business processes and marketing strategies in order to stay on top of their game to spread more awareness about their cause and raise more funds.

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NonProfit cloud puts people first and is built on one connected platform integrated to help you connect to all parts of the organization which lets you unify your Marketing, Program Management, Fundraising Strategies and deliver exceptional experiences that surpass the expectations of today’s digital stakeholders. 

Gone are the days of relying on monthly newsletters and updates. Technology has carved its way into every aspect of management and the NonProfit cloud is extremely effective in understanding your client needs and drivers lasting experiences at every stage with reliable supporters and beneficiaries by tying together all the aspects of your organization’s needs. 

What will your organisation achieve with Salesforce’s NonProfit Cloud?

Cloud technology helps organisations to measure and manage their programs more effectively by providing them a holistic view of appropriate data to help them connect with the right supporters throughout their fundraising mission. It helps you gain a unified view of the supporters, while ensuring all your critical data is secure. 

The Cloud gives you a 360 degree view of all the constituents to drive engagement and deliver a consistent experience that fosters successful leads that convert into lifetime donors or participants. It provides elevated customer experience and consistent brand experience whenever you engage with your clients.

Irrespective of your nonprofit’s cause, engaging with clients, donors, advocates, and other stakeholders is essential to build a strong relationship to further your mission. Salesforce and NPSP is your one-stop solution that provides data-driven insights to automate your marketing with tools like Marketing Cloud, Pardot, and other third-party apps on the AppExchange to gain insights about which engagements worked best for your organisation.

NPSP provides you with three helpful tools ; Campaigns, Engagement Plans and Levels. These tools are a great asset to your employees to dive deeper into constituent relationships. 

Campaigns: They are used to plan either digital or analog communications that acts as a guideline for people to achieve a common goal. It is also a great way to club together people who have common interests like for eg, a particular set of donors interested in the same cause.

Engagement Plans: These can be used to generate and assign tasks needed to reach a particular goal. The mode of communication can be either mails, calls, etc to create a consistent experience throughout the organisation. It standardizes engagement plans to generate reminders for your staff with a constituent. 

Levels: Levels allow you to group contacts based on their value in a single field, monitor their progression within the groups and move them to the next

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levels depending on the criterias. It gives you an idea about the organisation’s engagement plans which can be created once a donor reaches a certain giving level. Once that happens, a new engagement plan can be created for your organisation to nurture the existing donor relationship.

It is thus imperative to keep the data upto date to ensure maximum deliverables. It can prove challenging if the constituents do not have an appropriate way to update their personal information and preferences. By syncing clouds and leveraging third party apps, this process can be eased. Hence it is imperative to find the right partner with a marketing cloud to understand the nuances of tools being used to address demands for personalised timely experiences across channels, departments and devices. 

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Leveraging Salesforce’s NonProfit Success Pack for building long term relationships
A complete understanding of Leveraging Salesforce’s NonProfit Success Pack for building long term relationships. Learn organization's Marketing, Program Management, Fundraising Strategies.
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