Magento-logoMagento partners play a key role in helping organizations like yours succeed. Every day, our partners help customers of all sizes – across all industries – transform and grow their business. Working with a Magento partner is the smart choice.

Specialized in both B2B and B2C eCommerce platforms since 1999, Absolunet has delivered high-grossing platforms and solutions for clients in multiple sectors, including photography and imaging, utilities, sports, lifestyle, jewelry, furniture, housewares, clothing, fast fashion, children’s products, fast food, broadcast television networks, state lotteries, lingerie and many more.

Absolunet has developed an extensive range of custom Magento connectors or accelerators that empower organizations to integrate features and functions that are otherwise impossible.

The eCommerce agency works exclusively with in-house, North American resources (no outsourcing) and most of its marketing originates from their case studies on clients’ successful innovations and implementations. Absolunet is often praised by partner organizations for its effective implementation of agile methodology.


Magento Salesforce Integration

Scenario where we manage different modules in Salesforce or in Mangento.

Magento to Salesforce trasformation

Edition : Your store version

Support : Installation service $50.00


Options :

  1. Zappire
  2. Magento 2 Salesforce CRM Integration extension : By using our Magento 2 Salesforce CRM Integration extension, store managers will be able to automatically sync all customer’s data (name, product, order, invoice, etc.) from their Magento 2 store to their Salesforce CRM platform. Thanks to that, store managers will be able to process these data to better segment customers based on their demographic, buying pattern, purchase intention, etc. These valuable insights will allow them to conduct highly targeted marketing campaigns, maximizing the chance that customers will response well to the promotional messages. For example, store managers could categorize customers into three different groups: light buyers, moderate buyers and heavy buyers based on their purchase frequency and order value. Afterwards, they can sales promotion campaigns with different levels of offer for each group – heavy buyers will get most discounts, and light buyers will get few. Salesforce CRM integration will also help store managers to build and maintain great relationships with their customers, maximizing the customer lifetime value and profitability.

Case study: Magento 2 Organic Childcare Products Store

Industry: Childcare products

Key features: Refer a Friend program, Custom product attributes, Product subscription functionality, Integration with Klaviyo ESP, Google Rich Snippet customization

Madeof is a US based, organic childcare product supplier. Their key selling component is that they provide a full disclosure of all product ingredients, ingredient origins, certifications, independent test results, and factory locations, to their clientele. The company planned to launch their site in February 2018, so naturally, our goal was to meet, if not.

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