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Now before getting into the comparisons between these two stacks let’s get to know them in a brief.

A question may arise in your mind: What is a stack?  Why are these called stacks like “Mern” Stack or “Mean” Stack or Full Stack etc?

What is a Stack?

A Stack is generally a combination of programming languages software tools and technologies.Stack can be of two types Application Stack and Technology Stack. “Mern” and “Mean” Stack is a good example of Technology Stack.


1.”Mern” “Mean”s (MongoDB Express React Node)

2.”Mean” “Mean”s (MongoDB Express Angular Node)

These are the two popular stacks that are being used for web development and Mobile apps development at present.

“Mern” Stack is a Javascript Stack that is used for easier and faster deployment of full-stack web applications. It comprises 4 technologies namely: 

  1. MongoDB
  2. Express
  3. React
  4. Node.js

Each of these  technologies provides an end-to-end framework for the developers to work and each of these technologies play a vital part in the development of web applications.

 “Mean” Stack is also a Javascript Stack the only difference is in the technology “Mean” has  Angular as the front-end language for development instead of React

These Stacks are almost similar in functionalities with few key features that make them different from each other.

Now lets see the comparison between these two stacks to come to a conclusion as to which is the best stack for development.

“Mern” Stack  Vs  “Mean” Stack

So we will be comparing these two stacks on the basis of their features.The popularity of angular and react drives the comparison between “Mean” and “Mern”.

Angular has been a popular framework for quite some time now but react will take over it in the coming years. Let’s Look Why ?

On basis of Learning Curve

The Learning Curve for “Mean” is steeper compared to “Mern” which has better documentation. Steeper “Mean”s that the main language that is Angular is difficult to learn rather than React which is far more easier to learn.

On basis of Productivity

Given MongoDB, Express.js, and Node.js  which are common to both “Mean” and “Mern”, the productivity differences between the two can be found with differences between Angular and React. Being a complete framework, Angular offers better productivity. Then React where we use third party Libraries. That’s why it is easier to change code using the Angular cli while it is difficult to change code in React due to the presence of third party libraries.

On basis of Data Flow

The data flow is bidirectional in the case of Angular, i.e., if you change the UI, then it automatically changes the model state. But in  React, the data flow is unidirectional. i.e.,  if you can change the UI only after changing the model state.

The unidirectional data binding feature of React provides you with a better data overview, which helps you to manage large projects. This makes the “Mern” stack more suitable for managing larger projects.

On the other hand, if you are executing a small project, then the bi-directional data-binding feature of  Angular will be beneficial.

So this was on basis of Functionalities now let’s See according to developer’s Approach which is the Best Stack among these two

Developer’s Approach

  • Developer’s Mostly prefer React over Angular because React is simple to learn Faster due to Virtual Dom beneficial in case of Large Projects etc
  • Angular uses Typescript as the main framework language which is built on Javascript but the syntax is different while React uses Javascript which is a much more popular as it is being used for a decade till now
  • As React is a Library there are dozens of third party packages that we can use in the project that is not the case for Angular. So React is being preferred by most of the developers due to these key features and it will continue to be the most preferred Language for development .


So from all these Comparisons we have come to a conclusion that  Both “Mean” & “Mern” stacks have many similarities, moreover, both offer several advantages. 

They differ from each other in certain decision-making criteria, in the ultimate analysis, as to which is a better stack depends on our overall Project requirement.Some consider “”Mean”” as the Best Some consider “”Mern””.So it depends on the user’s choice .

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January 23, 2021

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