Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Most small and medium-sized businesses engage themselves in different tasks and processes daily using other tools for running their business. Imagine managing your entire business from a single platform with the convenience of having several tools linked into one system. Business Central is fully equipped to accomplish that.

Business Central is an all-in-one, cloud-based enterprise resource planning system that assists SMBs in streamlining and automating their business processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central: What is it?

Business Central is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for managing your company’s business processes, including operations and finance, inventory and warehouse, customer lifecycle management, manufacturing and production, supply chain and direction, and many others, on a single, integrated cloud-based platform. Not only that, it is an excellent solution for different SMBs as it allows you to tailor it according to your business requirements.

What can you do within Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Sales, finances, operations, supply chains, projects, and reporting can all be managed using Business Central. These features can improve productivity, promote growth, and streamline your business procedures.


Finance management You can keep track of your resources, purchases, sales, inventory, customer service, transactions, and accounting with Business Central. One can also quickly see how your company is doing using a dashboard consisting of cards, graphs, and charts.
Sales & Marketing Uses automated flow, which helps to classify potential leads according to revenue. Automate the processing of customer service requests, questions, and responses.
Reporting and analytics With the integration of Power BI, getting a comprehensive report of your business is simple in Business Central. Increase your real-time performance by making rapid, intelligent decisions.
Project management Get all the information you need to manage budgets and track progress by performing standard resource and project management tasks.
Supply chain management Utilize inventory levels that are entirely operational and up-to-date to get a complete picture of the assets and usage.
Operations Management By monitoring the input-output ratio to achieve optimal performance, Business Central makes it simple to manage operations within your company. One can also obtain a complete understanding of Operations and determine the potential for increased efficiency.


Business Central: Why Use It?

-Business Central is accessible to users everywhere.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is not only available for the desktop but also on other devices.

A universal Business Central App is available for Android, iPhone, and tablets, making it possible to resume your business processes from around the world.

-Easy Integration with Microsoft Office 365 tools

You can effortlessly connect Office 365 features like Outlook, Excel, Word, SharePoint, OneNote, and many others into Business Central to suit your needs. Users can leverage the capability of Office 365 tools through Business Central to organise their data.

-Extension-based Customization

Dynamics 365 Business Central is highly adbased on be tailored to meet specific requirements. In addition to the traditional method of building from scratch, installing pre-built extensions is also a simple process. These extensions make applying customizations to Business Central tenants much simpler than conventional development techniques because they don’t require modifying any code.

-Business Central includes built-in artificial intelligence.

By default, the connection with Microsoft Azure AI is already set up in Business Central. Thanks to the strength of Azure AI, Business Central can accurately and dependably estimate your inventory needs based on your sales history. Additionally, it forecasts future sales, assisting companies with cost optimization and revenue protection. With the assistance of Microsoft Machine Learning, one can also improve their cash flow predictions.

-Enhance your service while boosting sales.

Give priority to sales leads on the basis of revenue potential. Keep track of every encounter you have with a customer and get advice on the greatest merge, upgrade, and renewal opportunities as the sale progresses.

Move the sales process along more quickly so that you can be paid. Take immediate action on service requests, questions about sales, and payment processing – all from within Microsoft Outlook.

-Improve the supply chain

Obtain a thorough inventory evaluation to ensure timely delivery of the order. By setting up bins in accordance with storage unit dimensions and warehouse layout, you can keep track of every item’s movement and transaction.

Utilize the intelligence built into the system to forecast when to replenish stock. Create purchase orders on a regular basis using sales projections and anticipated stock shortages.

Business Central’s features

  • Fully cloud-based, no backup is necessary.
  • Common database
  • Data availability in real-time, along with job roles and authorization
  • platform that automates tasks and is simple to use.
  • Work with a variety of devices.
  • Security of data
  • Regular, automated updates to the most recent version—major updates twice a year, and bug fixes each month—are provided.
  • Personalization and customization in accordance with your business.
  • Simple search and filtering capabilities for pages and reports.

Who can use Dynamics 365 Business Central?

  • Financial Managers
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Supply chain supervisors
  • Planners of resources and projects
  • Managers of Production and Manufacturing
  • Managers of warehouses and inventories

We can conclude that Business Central is a very powerful and effective tool for any business given all the features and advantages we’ve already covered. Microsoft is actively making updates and adding new features to Business Central in order to enhance it even further. It does not intend to limit its functionality to the current one, which makes it more desirable for small and medium-sized businesses.

If you have the right partner to help you with the initial setup, Business Central is the most robust and user-friendly ERP system currently available on the market.