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Introduction to Mortgage

A legitimate understanding by which a bank, building society, and so on loans cash at enthusiasm for trade for taking title of the indebted person’s property, with the condition that the movement of title gets void upon the installment of the obligation.

• Wex Law Dictionary: A home loan includes the exchange of an enthusiasm for land as security for a credit or other commitment.

• A legal document by which the owner (i.e. the buyer) moves to the lender an interest in real estate to secure there payment of a debt, evidenced by a mortgage note. When the debt is repaid, the mortgage is discharged, and a satisfaction of mortgage is recorded with the register or recorder of deeds in the county where the contract was recorded. Since most people can not afford to buy real estate with cash, nearly every real estate transaction involves a mortgage.

• The party who borrows the money and gives the home loan (the debtor) Is the mortgagor; the gathering who pays the cash and gets the mortgage (the money lender) is the mortgagee. Under early English and U.S. law, the home loan was treated as a complete move of title from the borrower to the lender. The bank was entitled not only to payments of interest on the debt but also to the rent sand profits of the real estate. This implied that most definitely, the real estate was of no worth, that is, “dead,” until the obligation was settled completely—hence the Norman-English name “mort” (dead),”gage” (vow).

Transfer of Property Act, 1882 SECTION- 58(a)

A mortgage is the exchange of an enthusiasm for explicit immoveable property to make sure about the installment of cash progressed or to be progressed by method of credit, a current or future obligation, or the presentation of a commitment which may offer ascent to a monetary risk. The transfer or is known as a mortgagor, the transferee a mortgagee; the foremost cash and enthusiasm of which installment is made sure about for the present are known as the home loan cash, and the instrument (assuming any) by which the exchange is affected is known as a home loan deed. 

Types of Mortgages

  1. Straightforward Mortgage 
  2. Home loan by Conditional Sale 
  3. Usfructuary Mortgage 
  4. English Mortgage 
  5. Home loan by store of title of deeds 
  6. Irregular home loan