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Until a few months back, I was struggling to restart my career. My previous experience was working as a production support engineer for mainframe batch processing systems at a MNC and I come from an Electronics engineering background. From there I started a career in Salesforce, getting certified and working full time at the comfort of working from home, sitting on a cushion back chair with a cup of coffee at hand. It has been a drastic change. Now my goal is to learn more and more about Salesforce and deep dive in understanding how to provide solutions to the complex problems faced by our clients and customers.

The annual Dreamforce convention is regarded as one of the year’s most extremely important technology events. To better map the revolutionary digitized era, provide valuable pointers as to where the market is headed and how it is learning, and where you can find the most interesting innovations.

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I have been a diehard Game of Thrones and Apple fan and after hearing that Tim Cook and Emilie Clarke were amongst the other eminent speakers, I was enthralled and wanted to attend this year, but I guess another year will add more value and learning for me.

It’s the largest software conference on the planet and is organized by Salesforce, the platform with which we build cloud-based applications for our clients providing them with business solutions to complex problems and providing them freedom and flexibility to handle their customers with ease. 

Salesforce has provided a platform which provides opportunities to diversify and steer your career as a software professional even with no prior experience in coding as more than 70% of the business solutions can be provided using the standard features available within Salesforce and the remaining customizations can be performed using the Visualforce Page – HTML-like markup language used to design the layout of the page. Standard Or Custom Controller – Apex Code to handle Server-Side operations executed from the Visualforce page (EX: CRUD operations). Optional: CSS Styling, Optional: JavaScript – Used to handle Client-Side processing or to be coupled with CSS for a cosmetic revamp of the UI. Optional: Apex Extensions – These are used to perform logical operations that are not housed within the standard or custom controller.

Aside from the keynote speakers, such as Former President Barack Obama: 44th President of the United States 

Tim Cook: CEO, Apple

Emilia Clarke: Actor and Founder, SameYou

Megan Rapinoe: World Cup and Olympic Champion

Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka: UN Under-Secretary-General & Executive Director of UN Women

Yo-Yo Ma: Cellist Founder and CEO,

Baron Davis: Founder, Business Inside the Game (BIG), 

The four-day event includes 1,400 presentations, discussions and workshops – from start-ups, established multi-nationals, technical luminaries, government spokespeople and a host of celebrities, too.

Attending a convention like Dreamforce is the perfect opportunity to learn and also exhibit our collaboration on this open, cloud-based platform and to show how advanced we are in perfecting the sorts of data-driven, connected technology strategies that we believe will both transform industries and give our customers unrivalled care.

I am attaching a registration link for the event below if you wish to attend the event:


I have just started my career in Salesforce and it’s my dream to get a chance to attend what will be an incredible learning experience, and motivating too. But, most importantly, it will be a chance to share our research and innovations with companies around the world, to forge new alliances and learn from others’ experiences. I will definitely attend #Dreamforce coming year if I get a chance and would encourage everyone who is keen to understand how Salesforce can transform your life to definitely be a part of this huge event.

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July 31, 2020

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