Clutch recognizes BugendaiTech as Global Leader

Someone great said, “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” 

We are delighted to announce that BugendaiTech has been recognized as one of Clutch’s top firms in the world in the field of advertising & marketing.

Not only has BugendaiTech has been recognized as Clutch Global Leader in Advertising & Marketing, 2022; but also given 2 badges of excellence named TOP 1000 GLOBAL COMPANIES 2022 and TOP B2B GLOBAL COMPANIES 2022. 

Clutch is the market leader in bringing together multinational corporations and service suppliers. The B2B services market’s most comprehensive and referenced customer reviews are published on the ratings and reviews site. 

While it is not easy to decide and evaluate a winner from thousands of budding companies, CLUTCH has an impressive way of doing so. The leaders are selected based on the unique services offered, client reviews, and social media presence. 

The significance of Clutch spotlights and The Clutch Leader Awards is that they honor businesses for their dedication to increasing their expertise, offering outstanding customer service, and delivering top-notch customer results. Only companies that have an eye for excellence and multifold efficiency in their services qualify for the awards. 

While many consider it to be boasting and hoaxing to attract clients, it is far more than just this. For any business to ignite confidence and keep rolling, the awarding is necessary. 

Your company’s market presence is better understood by Clutch thanks to your industry recognition, which will affect your ranking on directories in 2022. Industry honors affect the Market Presence score for your business and help customers understand where your brand is present in their target areas.

BugendaiTech has always thrived for excellence. The idea of reaching people beyond our domestic boundaries with minimum cost ignited the will and soul of BugendaiTech.

“Being able to give back a part of what you earn can help the world grow better,” We illuminate the teachings.  We have a story, and we are here to share it to illuminate the world. 

In every industry worldwide, we meet customers wherever they are on their path to transformation and work with them to create lasting value. To co-design an intriguing method to change, we bring together pioneers in the field of systems, CRM professionals, data science experts, cloud migration specialists, information researchers, and many other skills. 

Elevated over the years, BugendaiTech has expanded its services in various niches. Ranging from Salesforce/Hubspot/Magento CRM customization and integration, CMS development and support, Web and App development, and Data Science and Analytics to AI/ML, it would be fitting to call them having all the resources under one roof.

Any organization needs a strong pillar to reach the heights of success. For BugendaiTech, Mr. Roushan Kumar is one such pillar. His thoughts and ideations have enlightened the organization deeply. Furthermore, he reveals his future aspirations to take BugendaiTech across the globe, establish the organization in other parts of India and bring more unique services to the table for the clients. As a result, BugendaiTech has not only created a standard of its own but has partners with many recognized and giant sailors of the industry as well, which include Include our partners and affiliations- Salesforce ISV partner, Google, AWS, Microsoft, LCCI, Nasscom, TechUK, etc.

Within four years of its inception, Bugendaitech has made a robust global presence with offices in 7 countries across four continents.  The parent company’s footprints are traced to the United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, India, and the European continents. 

With more than 250  projects under the belt and 100+ projects completed with utmost client satisfaction, providing a hub of 140+ qualified resources and 150+ trained professionals to fulfill client needs derived and molded according to the requirements using AL, ML, and DL technologies and origination a team of efficient and experienced minds to develop Mobile Apps on React and React JS platforms.

In past years, the company has not been able to yearn for profits but to invest it for the greater good. The Bugendaitech family offers free instruction to pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds. They also give them practical experience. The core principles of BugendaiTech’s #BugendaiNoble initiative are stringent “give back to society” regulations.

A company is never recalled and stirs people’s hearts because it has consistently high profits; instead, it does so because of the initiative it exhibits, the innovation it fosters, and the zeal with which it strives to succeed despite obstacles and all of these characteristics accurately describe BugendaiTech.

December 8, 2022

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