Gitex Global Events

Day1. – Navigating 

The show’s first day was highly enthralling and exciting for all of us. Though we did put up a booth at GITEX 2021, the team visiting this year was attending the show for the first time, and our first impressions of the event were quite astonishing. First, the geographical area across which the show was spread was quite vast, having sections focusing on technology at various levels across verticals: Though the halls were dissected in many different arenas, The Five Major Component of the show we discovered on the Day1 were :

  • Sheikh Saeed Hall– This show focused on the government section, How UAE & Saudi Governments are aggressively implementing technology in today’s date for future good.
  • Global Dev Slam– Takeover stage- This section had vendors from around the world, but the main highlight of this area was the workshops that took place: Microsoft GCP & Red hat – Our Team also attended a Microsoft workshop here which was illuminating for us.
  • Zabeel Halls – This area was where the show’s major highlights were put up.  It consisted of a major showcasing of massive booths like Amazon Web Services, IBM, Nasscom companies, and the Arizona Commerce Authority Lounge and not forgetting to mention that the major Highlights of the Show, Such as Etisalat & Huawei, also had a significant presence in this arena.
  • X-verse- This section of the show primarily focused on the upcoming and developing technologies in the metaverse, for example, the virtual runway show by H&M, companies endorsing Tesla Suits not just to be part of the metaverse but also to feel what the atmosphere of metaverse feels like.
  • Halls across Concourse 2- This hall had a mixed bag of vendors from small scales like GITEX shoppers and Big 4 companies like Deloitte. We also spotted some Local Giants like Dubai Internet city showcasing their presence in this particular hall.



Day 2

On Day 2, we went out with a strategy where we spent most of our time exploring the three areas:

We started our day with the Microsoft workshop, networking alongside on our way with various vendors present in the same hall. After we attended the Hackathon workshop, we proceeded to Zabeel hall to cover the significant chunks of the show, and here we witnessed the 2nd-day energy; the team attended the AWS workshop and participated in fun activities. We also stopped at the IBM and GBM booth to expand our networking and formulate strong connections and explored the various sections around Big data and IoT.


Day 3 

On the third day, We focused more on spending a major proportion of our time around Telecom and  5G sections taken over by Huawei and Etisalat at Zabeel hall. We witnessed the creativity that stood out to all of us at Unofonic, and They had put up a very interactive & and exciting booth. A screen that displays & plays a video about the company; the participants are to memorize it & hit the dynamic color-changing buzzer when the quiz pops up—an exciting & interactive way to retain company information. As the examination was timed, upon making it to the top 20, our very talented team was awarded Merchandise & souvenirs.

Day 4

We kickstarted our last day at the event by exploring the Government section; among many things witnessed, the most impressive one was the leap taken by Dubai chambers to step up by introducing Chambers in Metaverse 2 demos that we saw.

It comprised of:  The real-time VR experience by the Dubai chambers connected by Chambers of Digitisation displayed an art gallery and Chambers Penthouse. We Read about UAE FTA going digital a couple of weeks ago. We were delighted to see the VAT return kiosk demo in person and how while shopping in Dubai as a tourist you don’t have to worry about forgetting your receipts. We were amazed to know that the whole process has been digitised. You are just supposed to share your passport number with your merchant while shopping anywhere and collect vat at the kiosk with just a tap of your debit/credit card and then just scan your passport. All of your credits will be redeemed within seconds.  Also, the option of collecting cash is available at the designated counter at the airport. RTA also introduced fully automated vehicles as taxis which are expected to hit sheik Zayed road by 2023, currently running as Pilot in San Francisco Bay area Merchant and FTA.

The overall experience of the team was flabbergasting. It was an enriching experience where an idea and its demonstration meet up with its buyers and believers. Gitex is all about tech solutions and how AI brings those changes in different domains and fields .

The companies from across the world participated , showcased their presence and proved how tech is shaping the world .

Below are the major takeaways from the event:

1) They way the UAE government and funded firms showcased their advancement in solutions to drive towards the adoption of new techs like autonomous cars, smart city solutions and modified cars for police personnel.

2) Cybersecurity  – Exposing new ways to use data is moving into cloud related solutions. As we know the cybersecurity  threat  has increased exponentially, There are many firms presenting their solutions with cyber security and threats. These themes were stating companies are looking for solutions using AI to mitigate risk.

3) The whole journey was accomplished when they saw  and felt a metaverse experience . They tried to consume information regarding the how what and why every country is betting on VR/ metaverse. One of the firm tribes presented how DJs could play online using Metaverse/VR devices to create music and share it across the world at the same time and how audience can feel it most realistically. Also, highlighting how it could dramatically advance the education where one learns online without any device. The overall event was very outstanding and something out of the box.

November 2, 2022

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