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Optimizer App in Salesforce org  is a strong Tool, which helps the Admins to see the overall maintenance. It helps us to drive adoption, manage space, read and prioritize.

Previously, the Optimizer app generated overall PDF with proper results and recommendations,which was difficult to analyse and prioritize critical issues.

The Transformation from PDF to Interactive App!

The newly launched Optimizer App is an Interactive tool, easy to manage  performance and to check overall health of Salesforce Org.

The main change from PDF to Optimizer App is Recommendations can be translated. 

The Optimizer App view includes Features, Type, Estimated Effort, Status.

  • Type: Which type of feature it is like Report and Dashboard, fields etc.
  • Estimated Effort: It shows the time taken to manage a specific feature.

It is the best thing for Admins to have a check quickly.

The status shows whether the particular feature is required to optimize or not!

Enabling Optimizer App

1. Search Optimizer in Quick find Box.

Setup < Quick Find < Optimizer

Search Optimizer in Quick find Box

2. The Optimizer Setup Page Displayed

Select Allow Access to enable the App.

Optimizer Setup Page Displayed

3. Click the Open Optimizer to see the overall report or we can directly open from the App Launcher too.

Open Optimizer

4. To Analyse the whole functionality and whole org usage, Run the Optimizer.

(This can take up the 24 Hours or refresh the tab to see the results)

Run the Optimizer
Salessforce Optimizer Running
Salesforce Optimizer Finishing Analyzing Your Org

5.From this View, you can select Individually features to see the detail report .

See the detail report

6. While clicking on any feature, Results are shown with Recommendations and

  • Data List includes all the components.
  • Recommendations are to help how we can optimize the org in an efficient way.
  • Help resources mentioned for more guidance for optimizing.


To optimize according to Report, select View in Setup ( Top Right Corner). To do changes in org.

optimize according to Report

I hope you like this Super Amazing highlights of Winter Release!

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Optimizer App
How optimizer app serves as an interactive tool for SalesForce organization to manage, boosts its performance, and helps with overall checks. Get familiar with all its features.
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January 27, 2021

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