Our guide to Dreamforce 2020!

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Dreamforce 2020!

Dreamforce is Salesforce’s main conference which takes place in San Francisco every year. Attracting 170,000+ attendees (in non-COVID times), and happening over multiple days, it qualifies United as one of the largest tech conferences globally.

Dreamforce has earned a reputation as an unusual conference, unlike traditional corporate IT events. The ‘Trailblazers’ (Salesforce professionals) that attend enjoy learning at 2,700+ sessions, networking, and therefore the famous entertainment (a concert featuring a famous headliner, plus many parties to hop in and out of across the city). Dreamforce could be a spectacle of the newest Salesforce innovations that never fails to disappoint.

The annual Dreamforce convention is thought to be one amongst  the year’s most essential technology events. It is smart of our disruptive digitised era, provides valuable pointers on where the market is headed and the way it’s learning, and is where you’ll be able to find the foremost interesting innovations.

You will be amazed as what are you able to pack in 3 days-

  • 100+ hours of original content
  • 4 channels covering almost every industry, role, and topic
  • 100k+ trailblazers from round the world
  • 1 super-fun celebration

Dreamforce 2021 dates-

Dreamforce 2021, going down September 21-23, 2021, will host a few attendees in San Francisco, while the remainder of the globe are going to be joining virtually.

Dreamforce 21 Agenda-

Sessions are going to be broken into two main categories “Roles” and “Industries”:

  • Roles – Sales, Admin, Architect, Marketers, Commerce
  • Industries – following Salesforce’s big Industry Cloud focus and subsequent acquisition spree for specialists. C360 and Industries will have a frenzied channel.

Attending a convention like Dreamforce is the perfect opportunity to exhibit any business collaboration on this open, cloud-based healthcare platform and to indicate how advanced we are in perfecting the kinds of data-driven, connected technology strategies that will both transform the health and wellbeing industries and provide our customers unrivalled care.

It will be a fantastic learning experience, and motivating too. But, most significantly, it’ll be an opportunity to share our research and innovations with companies around the globe, to forge new partnerships and learn from others’ experience.

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Our guide to Dreamforce 2020!
Each year, Salesforce holds its annual conference, Dreamforce, in San Francisco, it hosts a few attendees. However, the rest of the world participates virtually and exchanges research and ideas with businesses around the globe to create new relationships and gain knowledge from others' experiences.
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September 23, 2021

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