What is PHP?

The best things in utilizing PHP are that it is incredibly straightforward for a newcomer, however offers many propelled highlights for an expert software engineer. 

The standard PHP mediator, fueled by the Zend Engine, is free programming delivered under the PHP License. PHP has been broadly ported and can be sent on most web workers on pretty much every working framework and stage, for nothing out of pocket.

Why PHP?

  • PHP runs on different stages (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS, and so forth.) 
  • PHP is good with practically all workers utilized today (Apache, IIS, and so on.)
  • PHP underpins a wide scope of databases 
  • PHP is free. Download it from the authority PHP asset: 

What’s happening in PHP 7

  • PHP 7 is a lot quicker than the past mainstream stable delivery (PHP 5.6) 
  • PHP 7 has improved Error Handling 
  • PHP 7 backings stricter Type Declarations for work contentions 
  • PHP 7 backings new administrators (like the spaceship administrator: <=> )


PHP Data Types:-  Types of declaration of variable is known as Data Type.  PHP supports the following data types: – String -Integer -Float (floating point numbers – also called double) -Boolean -Array -Object -NULL -Resource

Best PHP Http Client Libraries