Remote Internship Program - “New Belief of Corporate”

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Remote Internship Program - New Belief of Corporate

Internships are all about gaining real-world hands-on experience in a professional setting prior to full-time employment. As the popularity of remote working and online education continues to increase, both employers and universities have turned to technology to look for more effective means of improving the internship process. Their solution, “Remote Internships”

Remote internships, also called virtual internships are similar to traditional in-person opportunities with the obvious difference being the setting. With improvements in technology, online collaboration, and increasing use of social media platforms these programs are rising in popularity with good reason. They offer a number of benefits that make them a viable alternative to traditional internships.

We at BugendaiTech, recognize the benefits that come from a global virtual internship program, as students and young professionals increasingly seek opportunities to gain valuable work experience in their field of interest. Students have the opportunity to apply their academic learning in an environment that can nurture and hone skills for future employment. These exciting opportunities provide a number of advantages and benefits over traditional in-person programs.

  • New Resume Skills

Digital literacy has been a necessary skill for many professionals since the turn of the century. One of the major advantages of remote internships is the ability to learn and adapt to new software, which is crucial to employee success in any organization. 

  • Time Management

An internship is a stepping stone to your future full-time job, which requires independence, self-reliance and self-motivation. Remote working will enhance your time management skills, as you have to hold yourself accountable to complete tasks and collaborate effectively with colleagues from around the world across different time zones.

  • No Geographic Barriers

An obvious perk of working remotely is avoiding the costly and time consuming commute. However, another hidden benefit is the ability to explore options beyond your local job market.

  • Increase Global Network

Working across national borders gives virtual interns the opportunity to greatly expand their professional network. All of BugendaiTech’s meetings, conferences and seminars take place in virtual halls and rooms, giving access to many more participants around the world. Meetings and introductions are done via video conferencing, which allows for faster, more effective communication and collaboration.

  • Improved Work / Life Balance

Not only will your morning routine be more flexible, but so will your daily routine. BugendaiTech allows a flexible schedule, you can prioritize your productivity depending on what time of day suits you best – morning, afternoon, evening, night.

  • Cost Effective

Doing business in another continent used to mean arranging time consuming and costly trips that never included interns. Our virtual communication system allows the entire team to collaborate on an international level with minimal to no cost.

Cost Effective
  • Create Your Own Office

Remote internships give interns the opportunity to figure out what environment works best for them. “You can create your office space exactly as you like it. There is no bulky deskphone, and your chair will always be the perfect height!”

  • New Ways to Network

Socializing is a great way to network with co-workers and colleagues. Our monthly “Virtual Meet and Greet” sessions lets everyone catch up and have relaxed conversations.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Even the Earth is involved with remote internships. While reducing travel is cost effective to companies and employees, it is also more environmentally friendly. 

Moving forward, international experience is a valuable skill that more employers are looking for in their potential employees. Even though there are so many benefits of remote internships, one of the greatest benefits is gaining hands-on real life work experience and digital literacy, making you more competitive in the changing job environment.

BugendaiTech is always looking for great talent! We recruit interns from all academic backgrounds to our internship program, where students and young professionals have an opportunity to learn first-hand about the firm, company mission and culture. Apart from looking great on your CV, our on-the-job training and extensive professional development opportunities equip our interns with a range of transferable skills, helping them network and build valuable connections in the industry. 

Stay tuned to know more about processes followed in BugendaiTech for the in house ‘Intern to Hire” Program.

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Remote Internship Program - “New Belief of Corporate”
Remote Internship Program - "New Belief of Corporate". Why has this concept of remote internships come into existence and how can you as a business can highly benefit from it.
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