Reports in Salesforce

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Do you want to know:

which products are your top sellers?
How satisfied are your customers?
Which marketing campaigns have been the most successful?
Then you are talking about reports. Your business has questions. Your Salesforce data has the answers.

Reports in Salesforce

A report is just a way to display your organizations data while grouping them the way you want. With the Salesforce platform, you are entering all your information about your company. Then at the end of the month or year you can check with just one press which products are your top sellers.

Every organization should make a yearly report to see their status on the market, that’s how companies get bigger. Reports are the companies’ mirrors; it allows them to see the truth about their business. It let you see your weak points so you can work on them or maybe change them. You may even cancel some products or just change your market.

In a technical way, a report is a list of records that meet the criteria you define. With reports you can filter or group the information that you need. So Reports are a nice frame you put your data in while zooming in on a specific product.

But how can those reports be displayed?

They come with three different formats:
1. Tabular: This format is the simplest and the fastest. It doesn’t take time at all to put the information in a schedule. It is also a very general way to view your data.
2. Summary: This format is very similar to the tabular one but with adding more features like grouping the data and seeing the subtotal and creating charts. This format is the most used in the workplace.
3. Matrix: This format is the most complicated and takes a lot of time to set it up, but it gives you a detailed view of your data.

How reports are built…

The most important step is to select the right type of report. The report type allows you to choose the fields and records that you can have access to. Every report type has a primary object relationship and a field layout. Report type is just a template that makes reporting easier.
Then you have to choose the primary object that you want with its related object to display only records where the primary object has at least one related object record. You can also choose to display the records of a primary object without any related object.

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